In out of classes

Kyle's taste wasn't girls in bikinis but he did understand the idea and he wasn't surprised by JD's comment.
"I've not met a lot of people here but possibly one or two I wouldn't mind getting to know better." He responded.
"I really just looking for a few days at the beach. I might be able to even get some good footage of the ocean and beach there." He hadn't really mentioned his love of film making before but because he was into it, he spoke about it without much forethought.

JD just smiled as a reply to Kyle as the teacher started to talk on chemistry. Only paying half attention to what the teacher was saying. He looked and saw Rose and Sam sitting He thought for a moment they are always together. Sam was almost protective of Rose now and then. He like the conversation at lunch the fact she was one of the richest girls in the school she did not act like that. With all the rumors running around about her and her disappearance for a time from school even made her more interesting. She will be at the top of his list thought JD of girls to get to know better and maybe ask out some time. He started thinking well if she would even go for that idea.

As any teen boy he thought how they could look in bikinis or one-piece swimsuits. He was very happy about a beach Party he had not been to one in almost three months. Before he knew it the sound of class ending and passing period had started.
Putting his stuff away quickly he said goodbye to Kyle and went to his next class.

He saw a lot of the people were on their way to computer and programming class. He almost took that class, but he thought accounting and business class was better for him. with a new family business, he should learn something of how they run. Sitting and looking at his name plate then around like some others to see who was in the class he did know many people. Then Kyle and Dawn walked in JD chuckled to himself. who knew they would be in class with him. He did the same as all other class pulling out his notebook and pin for notes. Wondering how this class was going to go. JD knew the next class was PE which meant the school set it up that way to get more of a workout on the sports kids. JD mind wondered some as the class started.

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