Chemistry lesson

JD smiled staring off thinking “can’t wait to see those girls in bikinis and maybe a chance to pick up one.” He said smiling. “how about you? Is there someone you would like to see at the party?” he asks as he pulls out his notebook and an ink pin. Waiting on an answer he daydreamed about some of the girls in Bikinis.

Kyle's taste wasn't girls in bikinis but he did understand the idea and he wasn't surprised by JD's comment.

"I've not met a lot of people here but possibly one or two I wouldn't mind getting to know better." He responded.

Really, the thing was that Kyle hadn't met many guys he thought were gay. He had met no one that had been upfront about it, one or two he suspected but none he knew for sure.

Not to say there wasn't anything wrong in looking but he wasn't going to spend much time contemplating things with them if he didn't know for sure.

"I really just looking for a few days at the beach. I might be able to even get some good footage of the ocean and beach there." He hadn't really mentioned his love of filmmaking before but because he was into it, he spoke about it without much forethought.

He had noticed the room had gotten quieter. Sam and Rose had stopped talking. Dawn had Jocelyn as a lab partner; as no one else except Jack and Ashely had been seprated.
It seemed as if the class was about to start as the teacher and soosn enough the teacher began to talk about the subject of chemistry.

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