It's going to be a long class

Well hell thought JD lets see how it goes looking at the guy’s name plate. “Doug, I am JD as most call me. did you here about the school beach party?”

Doug was a little surprised JD ventured to talk to him. He was also a little annoyed by it. He didn't know JD but knew he couldn't be one of the popular crowd or he would have met him by now. "Yeah. I heard."

Kyle then spoke up to Doug. "Are you going?"

Oh, great and this was the guy who turned down the invitation to sit at the popular kids' table, Doug's table, at lunch. "Don't know." Doug shrugged. "Depends"

Dawn saw an opportunity and took it. "Depends on what?"

Doug turned to look Dawn straight in the eye. "Depends on how many people I care to be around, go."

To an outsider that might have seemed just like a general slam on anyone who wasn't part of the popular crowd but Dawn knew better. She knew that was directed at her, specifically. That he was saying she wasn't among the people he cared to associate with.

Doug then spotted another member of the football team. He got up from his seat and went over to talk to the other boy which became two then three.

While her older brother was joking it up with the other popular kids. Dawn couldn't help but think that Doug being sent to this school hadn't helped anything, actually, it seemed to have made things worse.

Still, the actress in Dawn stepped forward and she smiled at JD and Kyle and said. "Well, I'm looking forward to it. It sounds like fun. I've been to the beach before but not a lot." She paused before asking. "I heard the school it's own beach houses. Is that true?"

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