Jack nodded like an idiot as his poor brain was still rebooting from Ashley's kiss. By the time she left for her Speech class his brain managed to reboot and he realized he was going to be late for class. So he began racing to his computer class. As he got to the class room he saw a few familiar faces like Heath, Rose and Sam.

Heath, Sam, and Rose noticed when Jack walked into the room. The two girls gave him a little hello by waving slightly at him. Heath gave him a nod as his.

Sam eyed Jack as he made his way to the computer. She leaned in towards Heath and Rose and said. "Does he seem OK?"

Heath really didn't know what was going on so he said. "Yeah, I guess."

Rose shrugged. "I don't know."

Sam sighed she forgot that Heath hadn't really been around Jack and Ashely very much and had missed the last class. As for Rose; she was really sweet but had a surprising innocent quality when it came to anything along these lines.

As she started to get up she quietly said to Rose so only Rose and Heath could hear. "Can you fill him in on what happened, last class?" Obviously meaning Heath.

"Sure." Rose agreed

Jack was finally free from Ashley but the kiss was now stuck on his mind. He hated her so why did he linger on her the sensation of her lips? What was so great about her soft sensual lips? Just because she smelled good and had a good figure, that was no reason to stop hating her. She was an evil bully who tormented him and made him antisocial, so shouldn't matter that she let him glimpse up her skirt or down her blouse without getting upset. Sadly Jack was now torn as his body was in favor of accepting Ashley's affections while his mind was clinging to the torment he received from her. Jack rubbed his temples and took a deep breath before he was reminded of the bruise Ashley left him a few minutes ago. It was a cruel reminder of her harsh idea of love. How could he love or trust someone who still bullied him? Was he turning into one of those guys who likes getting beat up? He needed to clear his mind as he turned on his computer to log on.

Sam noticed the group of nerds were all standing around talking to each other, she was glad she invited them as she didn't want to feel not included. She spotted Zander from Spanish class, hopefully, Doug would leave him alone but she knew that was doubtful.

"Hey" Sam said as she took a seat next to him. "You Ok?" She assumed what his answer would be but just had to ask.

Sam was the type to bring home lost animals to her parents. She'd be playing in the backyard and suddenly at the backdoor with a stray cat or dog or well one time a raccoon that had wandered into their yard. She could never keep them but her parents would help the animal.

That now extended to people; she wanted to help people. She and Rose became friends, at first, because she noticed Rose seemed lost in a sense. It just turned out that the two got along amazingly well and had a lot of the same interests so they became best friends. Surprisingly, the few people she had helped had gone fairly well. Part of that, had to do with the fact that she could be incredibly stubborn but not try to be too pushy

Of course, she had no idea how Jack would respond to her but she was willing to take that risk.

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