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Timing and Distance

Ashley, Jack, Blossom and Justin arrived at the cafeteria and got in line to select what they wanted. Since the custom sandwiches were looking good they all got sandwiches suiting their moods. Ashley and Blossom got a turkey sandwich since they wanted to eat healthy. Justin got a veggie sandwich and Jack got a multi meat sub. After getting their drinks and food the four friends headed to the usual table as Justin's name came up. Justin perked up as his name came up with the subject of shopping. The four friends sat down at the table.

Justin: I think that outing will be good for us. There is too much negativity in the school now.

Ashley: Oh yeah we still need to get you a swimsuit too Blossom.

Blossom: You still want to do that?

Ashley: Of course silly. I am not letting those jerks ruin our fun. Right Jack?

Jack: umm sure.

Jack went back to eating his large sandwich.

Ashley: See even my Jack doesn't care about them.

Blossom: But what if they......

Ashley: Oh you silly girl. You are with me and all the guys at this table would be more than happy step up if the jerks mess with us right?

Justin: Of course.

Justin smiled at Blossom and then at Kyle.

Justin: So Kyle......... you still plan on bringing your guitar?

Kyle smiled at Justin and nodded. "Yes. Saturday, after the barbeque there is supposed to be a talent show. I'll be performing then but I think they'll probably be something more impromptu later that night." It was a beach party, after all, that was normal.

Kyle then turned to Justin, Ashley, Blossom, and Jack but mostly addressed Blossom to try to ease some of her concerns. "For the beach, party if any of you want to ride with me you can. I can fit four people, not including myself, and some stuff." This way they didn't have to take the shuttle but it was left up to them.

Heath and Matt looked at each other; when Matt nodded. Heath spoke up. " Matt is taking his motorcycle, so, I'll have Matt's truck so I can always fit stuff in the back of the truck as well." He paused and then said. "Oh, wait have you met? Matt this is Ashley, Blossom, Justin and Jack. "

Matt gave a little wave and a smile and said. "Hi. Nice to meet you."

Courtney looked towards Blossom. "We've got you covered."

A few of the rich girls could be heard as they walked by saying. "Guess the princess likes slumming it." But they just kept walking to their table rather than actually confronting anyone.

Ashley gave the snobby rich girls a crooked smile as they walked by but didn't seem fazed as her arm went around Blossom. Justin sucked his teeth as he glared at them. Jack on the other hand completely ignored them as he was eating. He didn't care for the snobs and could careless if they all died the next day. He had his revenge for now and wanted to play it cool so he could deal with the arrogant jocks when they pissed him off again. He figured they would get brave again at the beach party since it would be the best time for that. Ashley noticed Jack's behavior and said nothing as she focused on Blossom. Sadly she had an idea Jack was up to something but didn't want to expose him in public since she preferred their alone time.

Ashley: Don't listen to them Blossom. They are upset that money can't buy them happiness so they lash out on others to make them feel better about themselves.

Justin: Well said Ashley.

Blossom: Don't you think they are pretty?

Ashley: No, they are full-on Monet.

Blossom: What's a Monet?

Ashley: It's like a painting, see? From far away, it's OK, but up close, it's a big old mess. Let's ask a guy. Justin, what do you think of those snobby girls?

Justin: Hagsville. This girls are empty shells.

Ashley: See?

Blossom and Ashely then looked at Jack who was eating quietly.

Ashley: Jack......?

Jack: Hmmmmm? What?

Ashley: What do you think of those girls over there.

Ashely pointed at the girls at the snobby table where Lance was. Jack looked up and scanned the table for a bit with no emotion in his eyes and sucked his teeth a bit. Blossom , Ashley and Justin waited to see his response.

Ashley: Well?

Jack: All I see are some jocks in need of a beat down and some THOTs in need of repellent.

Ashely and Justin snickered at Jack's comment and Blossom was a bit confused.

Blossom: What do you mean by "Thought"?

Ashley: He means T-H-O-T, as in That Hoe Over There. Its a simple way for guys to address girls who have no self esteem and not respect for themselves......and some of them may have daddy issues.

Justin: You said it girlfriend, but you're not wrong.

Jack nodded at Blossom and went back to quietly eating.

Blossom: Wow I didn't know that.

Sam glanced at Rose who shook her head. Sam then took a sip of her drink as she had to settle herself a bit. Rose sighed; part of her wanted to crawl under the table, maybe disappear a little. She had been, sort of on the outs, from the rich kids for being best friends with Sam but never targeted before this morning and it wasn't something she was used to. Not that she really thought anyone got used to being bullied but it was just different being on the receiving end of it. Not that she cared about what those kids thought but the people she was sitting with were another matter; she felt like they were being maybe targeted more because of her.

Courtney glanced at Rose and then said to the table in general. "Maybe, we should agree that if they mess with one of us, they mess with all of us. " She paused took a sip of her drink and then said. "If we have that we'll have something they don't. Loyalty to each other." She didn't, necessarily, mean beating up the rich kids but more in the sense of protecting each other if it was needed.

Then Jack spoke up after swallowing his food.

Jack: That sounds good and all but its pointless if we get kicked out in the process. Might want to stick to just self defense in public. As for revenge.....might want to get picky in the how and when part.

Ashley kissed Jack on the cheek.

Ashley: Jack you are such a bad boy.

Ashley looked at Courtney and smiled at her.

Ashley: Don't mind Jack. He is just being a Gloomy Gus after the yogurt incident this morning.

Justin: Its true. Underneath all his gloom and doom he is a rather cool guy.

Blossom giggled a bit as Jack sighed and continued eating. He didn't like being the center of attention and this was why he preferred to keep quiet.

Ashley: Don't worry, I am sure not all the rich kids at this school are snobs. I'm not. In fact I am surprised those jerks haven't tried to target me yet.

Blossom: But they did.

Ashley: They did?

Blossom: Yes it was when......

Jack: That was something else.

Ashley: He's right.

Blossom: Oh okay.


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