Dante's deal.

Dante 'invited' himself to sit with the 'rich popular' people. Catching the end of Lance's 'joke' "HA! Funny. Monkeys." he said, looking at Lance and smiling but it didn't reach his eyes.

"Hi Brook," Dante said, and she returned a smile. "Hi, Dante."
Then Dante's eyes met Doug's then to Mel's "That can't be all you're eating." he started. "That's a snack not breakfast. You should really get some more to eat. It's a long time till lunch." he said, side eyeing Doug was he spoke.

Shifting his attention to Doug. "You should really wipe that look off your face, Douglas. People might start to think you are an abusive prick if you scowl at everyone that talks to Mel and force her to eat like a bird." again he smiled but nothing in his tone was happy.

Lance had stayed quiet about Dante joining the table watching the reaction of the others gauging what people thought of him. Lance felt as if Dante was mocking them at the table. Lance looked at Dante "If you want to sit with us then you can't sit with the monkeys. I don't care if you join us. but that means you can join them." He said with disdain looking at the table with JD and others.

"So what do you say, Dante? With us or not?" asked Lance. Elena gave a questioning look at Dante. "This is a table of elites do you want to be with us now this is the chance." her tone soft but testing. "Lance might not be the all-out leader but he is not a dictator either, and we have a standard at this table and if you can't reach it you can leave." Elena said, some of the other football players look at Dante waiting for an answer.

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