Lunch or Comedy Club

Lance shook his head "Enough you two let's not fight in front of the Scholarship monkeys." he said softly. "Now back to the beach party is there anything we missed? O! guys and girls looking at one of the girls there bring your surfboards I hear that the Scholarship kids think they can out surf us. We can not let that happen. we need to show them their place below us." lance said. Everyone nodded and gave a little cheer of sorts.

Brook started to laugh sitting at the end of the table, seemingly not paying attention like normal. But she was laughing, trying to hide it and failing badly. Hard enough a few hiccups escaped her. "pathetic" she wheezed between hiccups.

"Monkeys... so stupid" she snickered, biting her chopstick to try and stifle herself.

"BROOK!" one of her friends, Cloe snapped at her. "You're being rude again."

"not Sorry." she said, thinking and not saying the 'not' part.

"If you want to be rude go to a new table." Cloe hissed.

"Fine. I'll be good." Brook, half glared.

Brook managed to keep from laughing on the outside, poking a piece of orange chicken with one stick and used the other to keep it in place.

"For a group that hates the scholarships so much the sure worry about them a lot." she thought.

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