The Entrance

Beach Party: Saturday afternoon. Takes place a little more than halfway through the volleyball game.

The music from the white limo made its way from out of the roof and could be heard down the road several miles. It faintly could be heard at the beach but most students didn't think much about it.

Sadie was prepared, her entourage of 5 girls who were almost always at her side rode with her. The girl had arrived back to school late due to a destination wedding, of a cousin, she had to be a bridesmaid in. The destination had been Fiji and it had taken some doing by her parents but she had agreed to do the work online which the school had agreed to. Well, being a part of a legacy family had its perks, after all.

As for her entourage of other girls, all students at Sakura, they had taken Uber from the beach to meet with Sadie at the airport. Sadie being the YouTuber she was documented the whole thing on her phone and now from the limo to her loyal online fans:

"Hey, everyone Sadie here. Letting you know I'm almost at the beach and we," turning the phone around and recording the girls with her in the limo, "Are going to make an entrance for the ages." She turned the camera back towards her. "I promise more fashion tips next week; I have a lot to cover from my time in Fiji and I'm sure I'll have a lot more of beach do's and don'ts, after this weekend. Well, we are almost there. We are going to turn the music up but we'll keep recording so you can all watch this live."

The phone was handed to one of the other girls, Michelle, and Sadie said to the driver. "Turn it up."

On the beach, the distinct sound of KPOP got louder and louder. BTS's Dynamite blared and Rose turned to Sam, Courtney, and Riley, "Do you think that's?"

Sam nodded. "Who else would make that kind of entrance?"

It's not the four girls disliked Sadie but they were just, all, complete opposites of her. The sound got loud enough that Heath and Matt, both looked at each other and shook their heads. Heath had to now shout slightly over the music. "We might as well take a break, she's going to interrupt the game anyway."

Kaylee heard BTS and leaned over to Riley, who was her roommate, and asked, "What is that?"

Riley almost laughed at the question. "That is Sadie Bartlow. She is the school's resident YouTuber, she is close to being an actual influencer and she's also the one heiress here that truly takes that title to heart."

Courtney spoke up. "She's not really a bad person but she's very entitled and likes to make everyone know she's arrived."

Kaylee looked over at Rose, who sighed, she then asked. "What kind of influencer?"

Riley, spoke up, again. "Sadie has a fashion and makeup channel. She's started it a few months ago."

The music got louder but switched to BlackPink Ice Cream. It was then that the sounds of Sadie's voice could be heard, surprisingly, over the music. "Heeey, did everyone miss me?"

Her entourage following close behind her and the chauffeur carrying her suitcases. "Oh, where am I staying?" One of the chaperones took the chauffeur to the guest house. "Girls, chairs." A few of the girls ran opened the chairs they had been carrying and put one behind Sadie, she opened her shirt so her bikini top could be seen and then sat down. "Well, what do we have here? A volleyball game? With all these sexy young men with no shirts on." She took her phone back but didn't turn it to the game. "I am cutting the feed. Maybe, I'll have a treat for all my viewers later. Stay beautiful."

She put down the phone for a moment. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out $200 dollars handing it to one of the girls. "Please go tip the chauffeur. Go, go." Waving the girl off. The girl took off meeting up with the chauffeur.

It took a few more minutes but eventually, the music got turned down and the limo drove off. People were still staring at Sadie, wondering if she was done with making a scene. She then said. "What? Aren't you finish the game?"

Heath look at Matt and someone said "Serve" the game was back on.

Zander watched this whole thing with the other nerds, not really sure what he had just witnessed. Yes, he was from Vegas and had seen a lot of entrances but for a high schooler to think they were that important was something else.

April and gone inside and was talking to Dawn when even they could hear the music and went outside to witness the show. "Well, that was something." April committed.

"Yeah, it was something else," Dawn said then smiled at her. "Now, that we're out here do you want to get something."

"An iced coffee sounds great," April responded. Dawn nodded and the two girls got iced coffee then went to sit at one of the tables and talk.

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