Game Over

(Day 5 - Saturday- Volleyball game Beach party)

Elena was not impressed by the new girl. She watched Sadie's entrance to the beach party and just rolled her eyes. Elena had watched a few of her youtube shows and thought her fashion tips were not impressive. To Elena, she knew nothing of the clothing it's self just what looked good on her and her friends. She just passed Sadie and gave a smile. As she got to the spot she could watch Lance best. She yelled out to lance trying to pump him up as the game went on.

Lance was trying his hardest not to let the other team get the edge. The fact that some of the rich girls from the Volleyball team were giving Lances team tips did not help the scholarship kids team to get ahead. The game was stopped a few times for a water break it seemed to help Lance's team.

JD and the team they put together had some amazing saves and the experience of JD and Conner from doing some competitions during the summer showed. Back by Matt and heath made for a tuff game for both sides. The score was at 30 now. They went back and forth scoring a point. tying the score over and over to win they needed a two-point lead. Matt pulled another great save allowing them to get ahead. JD managed to get a back-row attack that he thought had the game won. JD looked over to rose and smiled happy that it was going to be over.

In the last second, Lance jumped with everything he had spiked the ball back at JD. He thought he would teach JD a lesson he would not forget. JD did not see the ball coming. He could hear Conner yell something as the ball hit him in the side of the head. He could feel his knees buckled and his head snap from the force of the hit. JD's sight narrowed as he could see stars he knew he was going down but could do nothing about it.

As JD fell to the ground Conner ran over to JD. The ball bounced off his head and went back over the net just high enough that Lance's team could not get it. The Volleyball dropped just inside the backline of the Volleyball court the line judge signaled the ball in. The coach blew the whistle ending the game. The scholarship kids had won.

Conner and others looked down at JD he was on his back now looking up "ouch, thats going to leave a mark." he said in pain and with a smile. Conner shook his head at JD "Dued you ok? dam JD I know you like useing your head. But dam" said Conner to JD. JD blinked a few times "So did we win?" JD asked as the coach and school nurse ran up clearing people out of the way. Conner laughs some "Ya, we won." said Conner as he stepped back.

Lance stood there not moving. he wanted to show him he was better but this was not what he wanted. Somewhere inside he felt bad. but he was surprised but JD taking the hit like that and still conscious. Lance looked over to Elena expecting to get a dirty look. she just smiled at him then looked at JD with some concern. She walked over to Lance. "He will be OK, trust me he is hard headed." She said reassuringly.

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