Victory's Concern

Sadie smiled back at Elena as the new girl walked by and a few of the rich kids, more so, the cheerleaders who were part of that crowd came over to Sadie and said hello to her. Asking her where she had been and being distracted by photos on the girl's phone of Fiji. The game started and the group by Sadie went in between cheering for the rich kids and looking at Sadie's pics while not disrupting the game.

The nicer cheerleaders the ones that weren't part of the rich kids' circle didn't bother with Sadie. Some went over and sat by Kaylee as she was also a cheerleader and had been accepted by that group. They cheered on the scholarship kids which only showed the division among the cheerleaders.

So, back and forth it went. The one group cheering on one side, the other group cheering on the other. Of course Rose, Sam, Courtney, and all the nerds cheered on the scholarship kids. Riley did more watching than cheering but did cheer the scholarship students more.

Doug had dropped off Melissa at the stage to practice and made his way down to the game, he was, of course on the rich kids' side as was his entourage that had shown up when he did. He glanced at Sadie who's entrance had been annoying and ridiculous and he watched her entourage laugh at her every joke and watch her, cheering when she did. It was sickening and not that Doug would admit it but damn he wanted that kind of entourage or more he wanted to train Melissa to be like that.

It was annoying Courtney a little that the volleyball team was giving pointers to the rich kids but she didn't really think that the scholarship kids would lose. It did get a little closer than she liked than it was at 30 and she cheered on Matt when he made some great saves. She saw Rose cheer and smile back at JD.

Everyone watched as Lance got a last-minute spike and then it grew quiet as JD got hit in the head. Everything seemed to happen fast as Rose was on her feet and the ball made it over to the rich kids' side and was missed, winning the game for the scholarship kids, the call though was missed by Rose who was more concerned for JD. She was quickly pushed back by the other kids who were crowding around trying to see what was going on.

Sam found Rose took her hand and said "let us through" while pushing her way through the crowd. They made it to the front but the coach tried to back them off that was until she saw it was Rose and then let Sam and Rose through. By then the nurse was taking care of JD and Rose could hear JD talking, which was a good sign. She heard Conner say that they had won and she shook her head and breathed slightly. Ever since the accident when someone she cared about got injured it made her very nervous and the way JD had gone down had her more than concerned. She glanced over at Lance, did he actually care that JD had been injured? She was more concerned about JD than saying anything to him.

Heath and Matt, watched what happened in almost disbelief. When JD could still talk they figured he was ok. Heath went to Sam's side and as the crowd started to dissipate more, Courtney, Riley, Kaylee, and Zander made their way to the front. Matt went by Courtney. Rose could really only wait until the nurse was done before going by JD. However, she still looked concerned. Sam went over to Rose and trying to ease her mind said, "He's fine. I mean he's even joking about it." It was said low so it was more between the two of them. Rose nodded, it was just taking a little while for her feelings to meet up with the logical part of her brain.

Once the nurse let her, Rose went over by JD. It was clear that he would be fine. "Well, that was quite the win." She smiled at him.


Meanwhile at the surfing lessons.

"Woah. " Kyle said as he and Justin caught Blossom in time from falling off from the ridiculous entrance of Sadie. The boy sighed. "You OK?" He asked Blossom but the girl got up and tried again which was very cool of her as far as Kyle was concerned.

"You know I think you are ready to try this in the water. If you feel ready." Kyle said to Blossom. He wanted to take them out separately in the water, at first, as it would be easier to help them one at a time.

A little while later Kyle could hear some commotion over by the volleyball game but wasn't paying much attention to it.

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