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Web Of Love

Ashley nodded at Elena.

Ashley: Sounds like a plan then. Now we just need to work out the minor details including the day and time. We should get the coach’s schedule and the workout schedule to help plan it. However it may be best to keep the guys out of this plan to avoid them getting dumb ideas. I can see them fighting if they find out and start the blame game.

Ashley fixed her hair then shuffled her feet out of the sand. They sank a bit due to the small waves coming and going. Then she spoke up.

Ashley: Well once we get more details we find a place to talk about it. Sound good?

"Yes, that sounds good." Elena replied. She looked back to the Volleyball game, and paused. She looked back at Ash "I do look forward scheming with you Ashley. I need to get back before the idiots see us talking." she said with a smile. "I will see you around Ash." she turned and walked back to the game.

Then Jack saw movement from the other side as he noticed the volleyball game began again. He was glad to avoid being involved in the game. He didn't want the attention nor did he want to do more work. Ashley made him work his butt off and then wore him out mentally and emotionally afterwards. He sipped his cold beverage again and leaned the chair back to help him relax. At this point he wished he had his phone and earbuds to drown everyone out. He was hoping everyone would leave him alone the rest of the day, but as of late his wishes were like heavy rocks that sank into the ocean and never seen again. He closed his eyes hoping for the best though.

Ashley then moved on after talking to Elena. She began looking around to find Jack. She was hoping he was not hiding again. She was looking forward to the results of the volleyball match and she might have to discipline her Jack if he made her miss it by hiding. Granted she preferred to avoid hurting Jack, but sometimes he needed a love squeeze to motivate him to see things her way. She found it cute when he played hard to get or tried to stand up to her.

A few guys made a pass at her along the way till she told them she was looking for her boyfriend. Of course that didn't stop them all.

Male Player: Hey girly how can I service you?

Ashley: You can get out of my way. I'm looking for my man.

Male Player: Oh come on girly, why settle for a boy when you have all this before you?

Ashley glared at the teen boy as if he passed gas in front of her in a church. Then she gave him a sigh as she shook her head at him.

Ashley: Look "Dude".......

Male Player: Its Derrick.

Ashley: Whatever it doesn't matter. You're an annoying, whining man-child and I will forget all about you five seconds after this conversation.

Derrick: Ouch! Calm down girly I'm cool with a bit of sass.

Ashley: Should I talk slower or get a nurse who speaks fluent Moron?

Derrick: No need to spit your venom girly. Just give me your name and phone number and I'll back off.

Then Derrick tried to play all smooth as he put his hands on Ashley's shoulders hoping to entice her with a kiss. However instead of a soft and gently kiss he felt a surge of pain in his crotch as he saw Ashley with a wicked smile and when he looked down he saw he hand crushing the hopes and dreams of his future children. His voice was now raised to a squeaky version of Mickey Mouse.

Derrick: Why?

Ashley: No means No and this lady is spoken for.

Then Ashley hoisted Derrick a few inches in the air as he cried tears and was rendered speechless. Then she let go and poor Derrick dropped to his knees and curled up in a fetal position as he struggled to breath and stay conscious. Sadly this put Ashley in a foul mood as she was determined to find her Jack now. As Ashley looked around she saw Charlie and Joey hitting a tall girl with green hair. Then she saw the volleyball ball still going on since the game was close in score it was going to last longer. She saw Sadie with her entourage and sighed. Then she looked at the food and dessert trucks and saw someone resembling Jack under and umbrella at patio table with beach chairs.

Then she made her way and saw Jack was asleep and finished his smoothie drink. She smiled as he looked so cute and innocent when he was sleeping. She then gently kissed his forehead and fixed his hair. She imagined her future with Jack after college. She wanted to travel a bit and show him the world and then have kids and travel with them. The idea of little cones of Jack and herself made her smile. Then she decided to have some fun with him as she began to massage his head. Jack slowly stirred from his sleep in a good mood as he enjoyed the head massage. Granted he was still half out if it he was now semi conscious.

Jack: Who is that?

Ashley: Your wife, silly.

Jack: Oh okay.

Ashley: Does it feel good baby?

Jack: Yeah.

Ashley: Good.

Ashely was enjoying conditioning Jack to be hers. She wanted him to need her and want her, but since he was resistant she needed to manipulate I mean plant seeds of love into his mind, body and soul.

Meanwhile at the surfing lessons.

"Woah. " Kyle said as he and Justin caught Blossom in time from falling off from the ridiculous entrance of Sadie. The boy sighed. "You OK?" He asked Blossom but the girl got up and tried again which was very cool of her as far as Kyle was concerned.

Blossom regained her focus very quickly as she replied.

Blossom: Yeah I'm good.

She was determined to succeed in learning surfing despite the big commotion that districted her.

"You know I think you are ready to try this in the water. If you feel ready." Kyle said to Blossom. He wanted to take them out separately in the water, at first, as it would be easier to help them one at a time.

Blossom was happy yo hear that as she followed Kyle's instructions and began her real lesson on the water. She couldn't wait to brag to her folks and friends back home at Dot, Montana that she learned how to surf. It was something that could only be learned at a beach. It was a big confidence booster for her and she liked it.

In the last second, Lance jumped with everything he had spiked the ball back at JD. He thought he would teach JD a lesson he would not forget. JD did not see the ball coming. He could hear Conner yell something as the ball hit him in the side of the head. He could feel his knees buckled and his head snap from the force of the hit. JD's sight narrowed as he could see stars he knew he was going down but could do nothing about it.

As JD fell to the ground Conner ran over to JD. The ball bounced off his head and went back over the net just high enough that Lance's team could not get it. The Volleyball dropped just inside the backline of the Volleyball court the line judge signaled the ball in. The coach blew the whistle ending the game. The scholarship kids had won.

The yelling woke Jack up in time to see Ashley's chest lowered onto his face. He was in shock as this happened.

Ashely: Hello honey. Did you enjoy your nap?

Jack was now very confused since he wanted to escape Ashley's booby trap but at the same time his body was refusing to comply. His mind and body were now at odds with each other.

A little while later Kyle could hear some commotion over by the volleyball game but wasn't paying much attention to it.

Blossom and Justin barely noticed that JD's team won as they were focused on the surfing lesson. Well Blossom was focused on the lesson and Justin was focused on Kyle. He was hoping to get closer to him during the show and dinner. Blossom was surprisingly picking up surfing very quickly. Her light body and strong balance aided her very much. She even gave a few "Whoo Hoo's" while riding the waves.

Back to Jack and Ashley Jack was in a tight spot and had no escape.

Jack: Ash can you please stop?

Ashley: Something tells me you don't want me to stop.

Jack: Come on Ash......we are in public.

Ashley: Are you afraid others might know how much you like this?

Jack: I'm afraid we will get detention of the teachers come by.

Ashely: You know most guys would love this treatment from their girlfriend.

Jack: If I say I like it will you stop?

Ashley: Maybe......

Jack: What else do you want this time?

Ashley had a wicked grin on her face as she was smothering poor Jack with her "love".

Ashely: You know I heard there will be a school dance coming up.

Jack: And?

Ashley: A gentleman should take the hint and not make the lady ask you idiot.

Jack: Excuse me for being an idiot. Will that make you happy and release me?

Ashely: I'll think about it.

Jack: Yeah right. If I wait to long you will just add more stuff.

Ashley: Maybe.

Jack monotone robot voice: Ash do you want to got to the dance with me?

Ashley slowly reach down and gently squeezed Jack's nips to get his attention. Jack struggled in pain and excitement. he was very embarrassed at this point and wanted her to stop.

Ashley: That was not romantic. Say it with feeling Jack.

Jack: Okay okay okay. Ash please go to the dance with me. I am begging you please go with me.

Ashley was enjoying the sight of Jack begging before her. She let go of his nips and removed her chest from his face and massaged his shoulders as she kissed his forehead.

Ashely: Of course I will honey. Thank you for asking me so kindly.

Jack: You don't play fair. That was not cool Ash.

Ashley: All is fair in love and war Jack. Besides your little friend seemed to like it.

Jack: Thanks a lot now I can't leave from here till I calm down.

Ashley: Then I'll keep you company. Are you hungry?

Jack: Yes, but I can't get up right now.

Ashley: Would you like me to get you a snack Jack?

Jack looked at Ashley waiting for her to say something else.

Jack: No tricks?

Ashley: No silly. I was in the mood for a pretzel and lemonade. How about you?

Jack: Okay then I'll have the same.

Ashley: Okay Jack. Just relax and I'll be back. Oh and if you leave....?

Jack: I won't okay. You wore me out already.

Ashley kissed Jack on the cheek gently.

Ashley: Thank you Jack.

Jack sighed and grunted as Ashely giggled and left to get the snacks. Jack then noticed the commotion at the volleyball game.

Heath and Matt, watched what happened in almost disbelief. When JD could still talk they figured he was ok. Heath went to Sam's side and as the crowd started to dissipate more, Courtney, Riley, Kaylee, and Zander made their way to the front. Matt went by Courtney. Rose could really only wait until the nurse was done before going by JD. However, she still looked concerned. Sam went over to Rose and trying to ease her mind said, "He's fine. I mean he's even joking about it." It was said low so it was more between the two of them. Rose nodded, it was just taking a little while for her feelings to meet up with the logical part of her brain.

Once the nurse let her, Rose went over by JD. It was clear that he would be fine. "Well, that was quite the win." She smiled at him.

After Ashley came back with the snacks, she told Jack that they missed the end of the game and JD won the game with a ball to his face. That was why it got crowded. She suggested they wait till it less chaotic before they talk to JD and Rose about it. Jack didn't much care about the game but he was not happy to see JD get hurt like that. He wondered if Lance was being an a$$hat or if was an accident. It would not surprise him if Lance was being a jerk. Then Ashley decided to feed Jack some of her pretzel to tease him a bit. Jack sighed as he was forced to be pampered by Ashley. Jack wondered if that was normal in any other relationship. Did Rose bully JD as well. He was curious but not enough to ask since that was embarrassing.


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