After shock

(Day 5 - Saturday- After Volleyball game Beach party)

Once the nurse let her, Rose went over by JD. It was clear that he would be fine. "Well, that was quite the win." She smiled at him.

He stood to his feet he rubbed the back of his neck some. "Not the way I wanted it to end but I will take the win." JD replied with a reinsuring smile to Rose. The nurse looked at JD one last time "you tell me if you have any other symptoms. now go rest some do not do anything too stressful." She said to JD. He slowly turned to look at her "yes ma'am, I hope Rose will help keep me in line." He said with a grin. The nurse gave Rose a nod "do that Ms. Newhall" the nurse said and watched Rose and JD walk off. JD placed his arm around Rose and walked with her towards where their stuff was on the beach. JD let out a small sigh "Rose, I am sorry if I scared you. Just know it will take more than that to take me down." He said then winced feeling some pain.

JD could only hope that would put Rose at ease some his jaw hurt and throbbed some and the side of his face he wondered how it would look for the talent show if he could even sing by then. "So got anything for a bruised ego?" he asked Rose touching the side of his face with his other hand "ouch, ya I will never live this down." JD commented. He was just happy to spend some more time with Rose.

Conner was going to talk to JD some more but let it JD was with rose now and he would let her nurse JD back. He turned to look for Kaylee and Blossom besides he wanted his shirt back sometime today.

Lance and Elena walked along the beach Lance said nothing at first as he thought about what happened. he kept opening his mouth but nothing came out. "You know I did not mean to hurt JD like that." he said out loud. Elena looked at him gave a warm smile "Are you telling me or trying to convince your self of that." She asked Lance.

Lance smirked "I think both," he said stopping to put his feet in the water listening to the waves and people. "Lance, everyone knows He should have not taken his eyes off the ball. It's not your fault he deserved it. I think his dad would have left him laying there for being stupid. His dad would have made sure he was ok but in the end, would have had no sympathy for him. So don't worry besides if everyone including JD thought you did it on purpose then you would be in trouble with the coach and Conner probably would have started a fight with you and JD when he got off the ground." she told him. They continued down the beach just talking.


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