JD could only hope that would put Rose at ease some his jaw hurt and throbbed some and the side of his face he wondered how it would look for the talent show if he could even sing by then. "So got anything for a bruised ego?" he asked Rose touching the side of his face with his other hand "ouch, ya I will never live this down." JD commented. He was just happy to spend some more time with Rose.

Rose had been handed some instant ice packs by the nurse and handed one to JD. "You should probably use one of these." When he asked if she had anything for a bruised ego, she smiled softly at him, leaned over, and kissed his cheek gently. "I can't do much about you not being able to live it down but maybe that'll help your ego." It wasn't the first kiss or really what anyone would consider a kiss between them but it was the closest they had come.

Rose would stay by JD the rest of the afternoon, probably, until they had to get ready for dinner and make sure he was OK. They'd be interrupted a time or two with people asking how JD was and she would go to the carts a few times for drinks or snacks for both of them. It was a nice afternoon even if the circumstances around it weren't great but Rose was always glad to spend time with him.

Conner was going to talk to JD some more but let it JD was with rose now and he would let her nurse JD back. He turned to look for Kaylee and Blossom besides he wanted his shirt back sometime today.

Kaylee noticed Conner looking around and went over to him. "Here, I think you probably want this back." Handing him his shirt. "So, I'd congratulate you on the win but it seems kind of weird. Is JD going to be OK?" She hadn't really been paying attention to what the nurse said and she didn't really know JD but JD seemed OK and he was friends with Conner so it made sense she asked.

Riley noticed Zander standing nearby, a little surprised he hadn't walked away with the other nerds. She went over to him. "Hey, Zander. That was an interesting end."

"Hey," Zander replied. "Yes, it was." He nodded towards Courtney and Sam. "Are you friends with them?"

"Yeah, How about you? I mean, I've just only seen you with the nerds."

"Oh, I'm sort of friends with some of this group. I mean I'm roommates with Conner, at least. I'm really still getting to know most of them. Except for Dawn."

"You mean the really outgoing redhead that's either around them or the the theater kids?"

"You pay attention." Zander smiled.

"Just more groups I hang out with, sometimes."

"She's my twin sister."

"Oh?" Not a lot surprised Riley but that did, they just seemed so different.

Riley noticed Doug nearby with his entourage but ignored him and saw no reason to bring him up to Zander. She did say though. "Hey, I'm in the mood for a frozen coffee something or other, after that. Do you want to come with me? I've been told you're a really good Chess player, maybe you could give me some tips."

"You play?" Zander asked.

"Just learning," Riley answered truthfully. "So, I could use any help I could get."

"Sure." The two of them wandered off towards the coffee and dessert trucks.

Heath and Sam and Matt and Courtney went to go find their places on the beach which were near each other. They pretty much left Rose and JD to themselves so JD could have some downtime.

Surfing Lessons:

Blossom was doing really well in the water and Kyle smiled when she let out the "Woohoo's" she had picked it up really quickly. He got out of the water for a moment and went to Justin. "I think she's got it." Nodding to Blossom. "I think I can handle both of you if you want." Besides, being closer to Justin was a nice thought.

He was expecting there might be a few rollovers and maybe a wipeout here and there it was all part of surfing and no one didn't do one or the other, or even both, their first few times out but those were things that happened to even experienced surfers. He had told them both what to do if that happened; they just needed to remember it.

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