In The Background

(Day 5 - Saturday- After Volleyball game Beach party)

Surfing Lessons:

Blossom was doing really well in the water and Kyle smiled when she let out the "Woohoo's" she had picked it up really quickly. He got out of the water for a moment and went to Justin. "I think she's got it." Nodding to Blossom. "I think I can handle both of you if you want." Besides, being closer to Justin was a nice thought.

He was expecting there might be a few rollovers and maybe a wipeout here and there it was all part of surfing and no one didn't do one or the other, or even both, their first few times out but those were things that happened to even experienced surfers. He had told them both what to do if that happened; they just needed to remember it.

Blossom was in good spirits as she was able to surf a small wave without falling off till she was near the shore. Luckily she was able to avoid the strong currents when she came up for air and looking for the surfboard she was riding. After moving her hair out of her face and wiping the water from her eyes she looked around for the board and pulled it close to her. Then she adjusted her swimsuit since it needed adjusting so she didn't get embarrassed by a wardrobe malfunction. Then once again she got some more tips from Kyle who was talking with Justin, before she went back out to surf again. This experience was good for Blossom as she was slowly coming out of her shell.


Meanwhile Olivia Carpenter was in a lounge chair under a large beach umbrella in her expensive and flattering swimsuit. She wanted to relax and veg out with some junk food, but sadly her mother sent an entourage to make sure she only ate healthy prepared vegetable meals and smoothies as well as staying in the shade to protect her skin. At this point she wanted to run away and have fun with the other students, but not even her "man slave" Jack could help her at this point. Since her entourage were all females, Olivia was unable to escape her "guardians" and had no choice but to sit in her chair like a caged bird. Her only freedom was being able to choose the music she was listening to on her phone with her earbuds.


Back at the volleyball area, Alex Russo and Roxy Roker were hanging out with their fans. The fans consisted of mainly females since they chased away to males trying to hit on Alex and Roxy. Ironically Alex and Roxy were actually fine with the players being pushed away since they were picky about the guys they were into. It was fun for them to act like a teen girl for a change now that they were out of the official spotlight. During their travels for work they usually got overwhelmed by the crowds and paparazzi. Now that they were at school the paparazzi was banned from getting close due to government laws. Anyone trying to take pictures of the students would be arrested, loose their equipment, get fined and await a very unpleasant trial since minors were involved. So ironically school for these two girls was a safe haven and they felt like they could have fun for now.


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