Haunted house ride

(Saturday boardwalk Haunted house ride)

As they got close to the hunted house JD looked up the sky was a clear blue with only the hint every now and then of a white billowy cloud. The weather was excellent jeans and t-shirt weather not too warm or too cold. JD was wearing his normal cargo shorts and Nike sports T-shirt hat and shoes. There was the light breeze that came from being near the ocean but it wasn’t bad. He could not hope for better weather that day. everything had gone smooth so far JD thought. Up until now he had stayed back and let Rose run things. Now JD could be close to Rose.

JD had learned from watching his parents when his mother was in charge of something his father just waited until his mother asked for his dad to do something and did not try to run it himself. There were several times JD want to just do things. JD just stayed close to Rose he would brush his hand against hers or just give her a quick hug or kiss just to let her know he was there at her side.

His hunted house was the first time he would have some time with her. JD followed her and helper into the seat of the ride and jumped in next to her. The worker there gave him a stern look for hoping in the seat. But then smiled as they settled and JD lowered the bar in front of them but it wasn't one of the tight ones and they could easily continue to hold hands through the ride. JD smiled putting his arm around her as they waited for the ride to start.
Conner had been his normal social self floating around talking to people. He helped if it was necessary but was enjoying the time. Conner made it a point to get around Kaylee at points his hand brushed against hers. Sometimes just subtle touches here and there. Conner had never done this before with anyone. It was exciting to him. That had convinced Conner, even more, he wanted to be with Kaylee. He would watch Blossom from time to time. He knew deep inside himself that it was not going to go any further with them. He could never forgive himself if things went wrong and Blossom was really hurt by him.

Conner talk with Blossom if there was an opportunity or if she talked to him. Conner kept it more on a friend level and did not push it like he use to. he only would say something if she was not showing much confidence in herself.

when the group got to the hunted house Conner gradually put himself in a position to be next to Kaylee for the ride. Conner still needed to distract people so it did not look too obvious to everyone. As Kaylee was about to get into a seat for the haunted house ride Conner yelled out "Hay JD I want to see your hands at all times" he said jokingly.

JD Smiled and chuckled. JD lifted his free hand up and flipped Conner off and then laughed. As people watched the exchange. Conner jumped onto a seat trying to look surprised that he was sitting next to Kaylee. "Hi, going my way" Joked Conner to Kaylee.

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