Boardwalk Fun

Takes place on Sat. Boardwalk party right after brunch.

Brunch at the boardwalk party had been a success. Everyone ate, talked, got their goodie bags with the wristbands for unlimited rides and the prepaid cards to use for snacks, souvenirs, at the arcade, or really anywhere that cash might be needed. And it was told to the group, for anyone who wanted to, to meet up at the Under The Sea restaurant for dinner at about 6 pm. The entire day was paid for and Rose was just happy to help her best friend Sam and two new friends Dawn and Zander celebrate their birthdays. Sam was glad that Dawn and Zander’s parents and contributed to the party as well so it wasn’t just Rose.

Now, though the groups had finished brunch and were out on the boardwalk; as predicted the groups not part of the main group had split off to do their own thing and that left the main group there together. Of course, Rose planned to spend the day with JD and Sam and Heath mostly. Courtney had planned to spend it with Matt but also Sam and that group. Dawn and April would be together and mostly with the main group. Kyle wanted to spend it with Justin which would probably also be the main group. Zander and Riley together and with the main group as well. Kaylee kind of just wanted to be where Conner was but she didn’t want to crowd him either. She also would be with the main group though as those were her friends who had come to this. She just hoped things wouldn’t be weird with her and Conner being Blossom would also be there. Only, time would tell she supposed and decided to just have fun and be, well, herself.

Once the group was settled, the question came up of what to do first.

Sam thought about it for a moment, “Oh, maybe we should do the haunted house first. Is everyone up for that?”

The haunted house was the newest attraction and was the one most likely to be crowded later on. If they got there early it wouldn’t be as crowded, then they could go with other rides.

Rose, Dawn, April, Zander, Riley, Kaylee, Kyle, and Heath were all up for the haunted house so it was just now up to the others to decide if they wanted to join them.

As everyone else was deciding if they wanted to do the haunted house, Rose noticed what a nice day it was. The sky was a clear blue with only the hint every now and then of a white billowy cloud. The weather was perfect jeans and t-shirt weather not too warm or too cold. And there was the light breeze that came from being near the ocean but it wasn’t bad. She was glad that even the weather seemed to have cooperated.


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