Dream A Little Dream

Meanwhile Ashley and the two cheerleaders found all their boxes of decorations and were patiently watching Conner flirt with Blossom since it would ruin the mood for dear Blossom. They were smirking as they watched Conner put on his charm. They giggled a bit and were trying to guess what he was saying to her. Some of what they were suggesting sounded amusing such as the two cheerleaders made him sound like PePe Lepew or one of the Disney Prince characters. Ashley on the other hand joked that he was offering her sweets like cookies and cake. The girls giggled a bit as they continued to joke. Then Jack walked into the conversation by accident and paused as Ashley looked at him with a wicked smile. He then gave a head nod and headed a different direction since he didn't want to be involved in their conversation.

Jack didn't want to be involved in what ever Ashley and her cheer friends were up to. It was most likely involving hooking up their friends and that was not something Jack wanted to be apart of. So Jack took a walk to clear his head and drink some water. ironically he didn't get far when he was "volun-told" to help with moving the generators into place for the electrician to set up. They also needed the frames set up for the light poles at night. So poor Jack was quickly put to work since he had muscles to spare. After some time and a lot of progress, Jack earned himself a break and sat in the shade to cool off and rest.

After drinking some water he gazed out to the ocean and his mind began to wander. Eventually his vision fades and his eyes close as he falls asleep. When he wakes up he is in a car and driving in the rain on a dark road. He is very confused as he looks around and sees he is wearing a suit and driving a classic 1953 or 54 Chevrolet convertible car. He was very confused as he didn't know how or why he was driving or wearing a suit since he didn't own one. He considered looking for somewhere to park and arrived at a mansion. He wondered if he could ask for directions but hesitated since he was concerned for his safety.

Then a nasty lightning strike struck a tree by the entrance and blocked Jack's car in. Seeing as he had little choice he looked in the car and found an umbrella. So he quickly got out and opened the large umbrella to block the rain, but sadly as he closed the door he stepped in a puddle and grunted as he made his way to the door. He rang the door bell and was eventually greeted by Lance the butler, who looked a lot like Lance Harbor but well mannered. Jack was confused when Lance claimed to be expecting him. As Jack came into use the phone he was led to a dining hall where he saw Lance Harbor was the butler, Ashley was the maid, Huntley Ritter was the cook, Colonel Mustard was Doug Jefferson, Mrs. White was Olivia Carpenter, Mrs. Peacock was Nancy Farrah, Professor Plum was Joey Donner, Miss Scarlet was Elisa Donovan and Jack saw his ID and realized he was Mr. Jack Green. Everyone was confused as to why they were invited there. Jack sat down and ate with the others and was shocked to see such a fancy dinner. As he ate he noticed the maid was making eyes for him and when she served him, she made sure to give him a nice cleavage shot or a good look at her legs. After dinner they all had some wine in the den.

Then another guest arrived and was introduced as Mr. Charlie Boddy even though he looked like Charlie Tweeder. Lance seemed to know more than he was letting on as he pulled out a letter that explained a lot. According to Lance the butler, Mr. Boddy has been blackmailing them. Mrs. Nancy Peacock is accused of taking bribes for her husband, a US senator, but denies any wrongdoing and claims she has paid the blackmail to keep the scandal quiet. Mrs. Olivia White is suspected in the death of her husband, a nuclear physicist. Professor Joey Plum has lost his medical license due to an affair with a patient. Miss Elisa Scarlet runs an underground brothel in Washington, D.C.. Colonel Doug Mustard, though initially suspected of being one of Miss Scarlet's patrons, is a war profiteer. Then when it was Jack's turn he discovered he was being blackmailed for being a homosexual, a secret that would cost him his State Department job if anyone found out. Jack damn near chocked when he heard that part.

Then Charlie aka Mr. Boddy laughed and told them that Lance was the one behind everything and he was also a victim. Then he opened up the box he had and handed everyone a weapon to kill Lance. He gave Colonel Doug Mustard a candlestick, Mrs. Olivia White a knife, Mrs. Nancy Peacock a rope, Professor Joey Plum a pipe, Miss Elisa Scarlet a revolver and Jack a wrench. Everyone is confused and unsure what to do then a loud thunder strike hits and the power goes out. Then a gunshot goes off in the dark and everyone freaks out. After a minute the lights come on and Charlie is dead on the floor. Everyone freaks out and Ashley instinctively hold Jack for comfort. No one wants to touch the body at this point and want to leave.

Then Lance explains to the guests that his wife Elena had committed suicide due to Charlie's blackmail because she refused to name friends who were socialists. Then he had summoned the guests to force a confession out of Charlie and turn him over to the police. Then Jack asks who has the revolver and Elisa said it was taken from her in the dark. The group suspects the cook Huntley, but they find him dead in the kitchen. Apparently he had been stabbed with the dagger. This freaks everyone out even more and Ashley seems frantic as she clutches Jack's coat. Seeing that they need to figure out what happened they go back to the den and see that Charlie's body disappeared. This unnerves the guests as they look around to see if Charlie was only pretending to be dead since no one checked his body. After checking a few rooms the guests find his now bleeding body in the bathroom. Apparently he was struck on the head with the candlestick.

Now everyone is suspecting each other for the murders and questioning motives and how they could have done it. Then lance steps up and suggest they lock up the weapons for their protection. After Lance locks the weapons in a cupboard he puts the key in his pocket. Then the doorbell rings and Lance discovers a stranded motorist arrives. Lance then lets him use the phone in the lounge before he locks him in the lounge. Lance doesn't want him to see to much as they search for clues. Then another guests rings the doorbell and it is a cop who is looking for a missing motorists. So Lance put him in the Den and locks the door to keep him out of their investigation. While the guests search the mansion in pairs, an unknown individual burns the blackmail evidence, unlocks the cupboard and kills the motorist with the wrench. Discovering a secret passage, Doug and Elisa find themselves locked in the lounge with the motorist's corpse until Olivia the door open with the revolver. Jack was with Ashley searching other rooms when he heard the noise. Then they hear the doorbell once again.

A cop investigating the motorist's abandoned car arrives to use the phone. The mansion receives a call from J. Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, which Lance takes alone. After distracting the cop successfully, the guests resume their search until another unknown figure turns off the electricity. Jack and Ashley hold cue sticks from the billiard room as weapons. Suddenly the doorbell rings again a singing telegram girl who arrived while the lights were out begins to sing only to get shot.

Lance and the others regroup after he turns the electricity back on, and he reveals he knows who the murderer is. Recreating the night's events, Lance explains that the five other victims were Charlie's informants. The doorbell rings again and an evangelist interrupts the gathering, but Mrs. Elisa Peacock shuns him by closing the door. Then Lance continues his explanation. Apart from Mr. Green and Ashley, everyone has killed at least one person. Professor Joey Plum missed Charlie with the revolver but later killed him with the candlestick. Mrs. Olivia Peacock stabbed the cook, her former employee. Colonel Doug Mustard bludgeoned the motorist, his driver during World War II. Mrs. White strangled her husband for countless cheating. Miss Scarlet clubbed the cop, whom she was bribing. Lance then reveals that he shot the singing telegram girl, the patient Professor Plum had the affair with, and that he is the real Mr. Boddy. Apparently the person that Joey Plum killed was Mr. Boddy's butler Charlie.

With Lance's spies and informants disposed of, he plans to continue blackmailing the guests which piss them off. Jack Green then draws his own revolver, kills Lance, and reveals himself to be an undercover FBI agent, revealing his earlier admittance as a homosexual to be a ruse in order to get close to the real Mr. Boddy. Jack then opens the front door, bringing in the authorities to arrest the others as the evangelist is revealed to be the police chief. After telling the police chief he has killed Mr. Boddy in the hall with his revolver, Jack says: "Okay, Chief, take 'em away! I'm gonna go home and sleep with Ashley!" Jack then kisses Ashley passionately as he tips her backwards and holds her back.

The kiss feels so real in his dream as he caresses Ashely's back. He can even smell her perfume and the fruity flavor of gum in her mouth as they kiss more and more. Then something feels off as he opens his eyes and he sees himself making out with the real Ashley who is straddling on his lap. She was really into the kiss as he began to panic and tried to push her away with his shaking hands.

Jack: What the hell Ash!! How? Where? What?? What is going on?

Ashley: Sorry Jack you looked so cute sleeping I couldn't help but have a taste.

Jack: I'd say that was more than a taste.

Ashely: Maybe, but you seemed to like it.

Jack: Not cool Ash. Taking advantage of me in my sleep is not cool.

Ashley: Well you were calling me out in your sleep and making a kissy face so I figured you wanted me.

Jack turned red as he looked away. Ashley knew he was hiding something. So she egged him on till he told her about his weird dream and she giggled at him. Jack was feeling corned since he was aroused by Ashley and she knew it.

Ashely: So you are into maid play huh? My lil Jack is such a bad boy.

Jack: Stop teasing me.

Ashely: Tell you what Jack. When we are ready to take the next big step and you put a ring on my finger I'll grant your wish for maid play.

Jack was in shock as he heard her say that. He was torn because despite his animosity against Ashley he did want to see her in a maid costume. To make it worse his body was already betraying him.

Jack: You don't play fair Ash.

Ashley then kissed Jack on the nose and gave him a wicked smile.

Ashley: Of course not Jack. I play to win.........but I do find it cute to see you struggle even through you know its only a matter of time before you're mine completely.

Jack had a look of fear in his eyes as he knew she was right.

Then Ashley got off Jack and smiled as she held her hand out to him.

Ashley: Might want to freshen up before lunch.


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