A Little Daring, A Little Trouble

Sat. Beach party. Takes place during set up.
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Kaylee had gone back to focusing on any last-minute details that were needed. The backdrop looked good; couldn't even tell where Rose had touched it up. The fountain was in place. The wheels on the moving sets were fixed and they were being put in place.

"Curtain test" She heard Zander say and then Kaylee watched as the curtain closed and opened back up. It had been, like the lights, hooked up to the computers so it could open and close remotely. "Check. All good." Another nerd, who she thought was named Leonard, said.

"Light check," Zander said. The lights went off and on. Then they started running through a final check of the lighting for the numbers.

Flicker, flicker, flicker, dim, and out went one of the bulbs, suddenly.

"Bon sang!" (Damnit). Kaylee exclaimed. "One's out."

The lights were shut down and Zander came on to the stage. He looked up and sighed. "I'm not sure how we're going to fix that. The ladder is on the way here with Doug."

Word had spread about Doug's flat tire so everyone who needed something he was supposed to bring back knew it would be delayed.

"How did the lights get up there?" Kaylee asked.

"They were hoisted up," Zander explained. "I guess we could just wait "

Kaylee looked at the light, then around the stage, back up at the light. "I'll need a moment but I might be able to think of something." She said.

After hearing "Bon Sang!" Conner knew that could be only one person. Coming from the back of the stage and props he saw Kaylee standing looking up with Zander. He walked up behind them "So! How's is it going?" he asked trying to sneak up behind and surprise them. He shielded his eyes with a hand from the sun looking up.

Kaylee and Zander jumped a little to Conner sneaking up behind them, as they were paying more attention to the light than their surroundings.

Kaylee bit her lip but then smiled at Conner. "One of the bulbs just blew." She sighed. "The ladder is on the way here with Doug but who knows when he'll get here. We were trying to figure out a way to fix it."

Zander said. "It could wait. Unless there is a way to levitate a light bulb up there."

Kaylee thought for a moment, she glanced up and then at Conner, a grin came to her lips. "Maybe, we could." She paused. " Conner, would you agree you could probably lift me with one hand?" The girl was clearly going somewhere with this.

Conner stepped up on the stage and look at the light he stretchered his arm up almost like he was measuring. He looked at Kaylee, "What do you have in mind? Standing on my back wont make it," he said with a smile.

"Not your back but if I stood on your shoulders I should be able to reach it." Kaylee smiled back at him.

Zander raised a brow. "I don't know about this."

Kaylee looked at Zander. "It'll be fine. I'm a flyer and am used to doing stuff like this." Zander though still looked concerned. "Look, if you leave now you'll have ... déni plausible." (Plausible deniability). Or you can stay and hand me the lightbulb."

When Zander sighed but didn't leave, Kaylee turned her attention back to Conner. "So, what do you think?"

"Zander, you only live once. We can try. I would just throw her up there but I don't think the hang time would work," he said jokingly. " If I bend down some she can climb onto my shoulders then when I stand she can try standing. I will hold her by her ankles as she sands on my shoulders. if she starts to fall I can ketch her easy." he said bending down then stopped. wait, we should have a spotter." he said looking around. "JD!" he yelled. "Ya!" You here." JD replied. JD looked as he walked, knowing something was up. "Ok, what's going on?" he asked. Conner smiled I'm going to lift Kaylee into the air; need a spotter." said Conner with a grin. JD gave a look like right. "Not one of your better ideas Conner," said JD. "Was not mine. Ok, Kaylee." he said getting lower. "Wait, you do have the light bulbs with you right?" he asked.

"They are right over there," Zander pointed to a small box in the corner of the stage. He ran over and got them.

Kaylee nodded at Conner's response. "Yup, it's my idea." She said. "It'll be fine."

Once Conner was in position she climbed onto his shoulders, sitting at first.
A mummer started happening behind them. Zander turned to look and noticed they were beginning to gather, an audience of some of the students, mostly those already in the same area.

JD looked around at the other kids and shook his head then looked up at Kaylee. Conner was standing straight up she was lighter than he thought she would be. not that any of the cheer girls would be heavy to Conner. Conner gripped her hands gently and straighten his arms so she could stand on his shoulders. "Ready when you are," Conner said.

Kaylee took a breath and said "Ready" grabbing a hold of his hands, she pushed herself up, moving her legs behind her, and went to kneeling then to standing.

Meanwhile, Matt was backstage when he heard someone say. "Hey, you all have to get out here. Conner has one of the new cheerleaders standing on his shoulder."

Without being given a name Matt knew who it was. He dropped what he was doing and moved quickly to where the crowd was gathering. He clearly could see Kaylee standing on Conner's shoulders, JD spotting and Zander holding up a lightbulb. Matt crossed his arms and shook his head. His sister was a little daredevil and he learned long ago there wasn't much he could do about it. Matt then noticed a few of the chaperones had shown up, as well. Well, this should be interesting when his sister got down from there.

A student Matt didn't know, came over to him and said. "Hey. It's five to one odds he drops her." Matt glared at the other boy, who he now recognized as a freshman football player, "That's my sister. And in case you missed the memo, she's a flyer. Pretty sure your coach would have something to say about that bet." That got the Freshman to back away quickly.

Kaylee got Zander to hand her the lightbulb. She replaced it carefully and handed the burnt bulb back to Zander. Then said "ready" back to Conner. Took hold of his hands and started to make her way back down.

Conner looked up as she was coming back down he quickly looked straight ahead after getting a good look at the gap in her shorts as she came down as he lowered her a grin came across his face. He shifted his stance some as she swayed he let her feet drop in front of him he each out and grabbed onto her hips turning her to face him. As she slid down the front of him he guided her body so as not to let her fall. He lowered her to the floor. He smiled "Wow, almost lost you there," he said jokingly. She could tell he had control the whole time.

She made it to the ground safely and smiled at him. "You're good at that. Maybe, we should do it again sometime time." Giving him a wink. She turned to JD and Zander. "Merci. Both of you. See I said it would be fine."

Right as she said that, Matt made his way to the stage. "You always say that."

"Well, it usually is," Kaylee responded.

Matt looked towards the chaperones who had talked among themselves but were now headed over there. "Tell that to them."

Coach Callahan, who was the Cheerleading coach, stood there with her arms crossed in front of her. "All of you. Do you have any idea how dangerous that was? " She then turned to Kaylee. "You can be expecting extra laps after the next practice. Actually, you Conner can do the extra laps with her. I'll expect you on the track on Monday. Maybe, that will take care of some of that extra energy you both seem to have." She then turned to JD and Zander. "And you two. If I catch you participating in anything like this again; you'll be joining them. Consider this a warning." Once the formalities were over with and the other chaperones left. Callahan turned to Conner. "I never said this but you seem to be a natural. Ever think about becoming a male cheerleader?" She might as well ask as they were always in need of more and many guys liked the benefits of being around all those girls.

Conner thought about it for a second thinking of Blossom and Kaylee. "I don't know Coach let me think on that. I will see you Monday then." He said with a charming smile knowing she was not into guys so the rumors say. "Kaylee it was fun. Never know we could help during the break down of the stage." He suggested. JD groaned "I don't think so Conner," he said sternly. Conner laughed. "You're no fun JD," he replied.

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