Beach dancing

(Day 4 -Friday evening, beach trip) (Rich kids)

The rich kids pulled out all the stops for the party. There was a DJ, catered food, and people generally having a good time. Lance and Elena were making sure of it the bonfire was almost illegal. It was so big thanks to some of the other parents getting logs to burn. The food truck a rolling kitchen was able to drive right onto the beach without getting stuck. It had everything from baroque to burgers and tacos. The DJs music had been preapproved and they told the kids no twerking or other sexually suggestive dancing which killed some fun for the students.

As the adults watch they did not like the fact that there were two groups of kids So they made a plan when the live music would start all the kids had to be there to watch or there would be disciplinary action taken. Something they would not like the parent's chaperones and teachers made their plans on how to make the kids do things together.

Back on the beach next to the bonfire Lance and Elena were sitting on a beach blanket. They were cuddling and having fun with the others. Lance could see that Elena was distracted by something. "Hey whats up Elena?" Lance asked. She turned and gave him a quick kiss. "Nothing I think?" she replied. He looked back in the direction he was looking. He could see Doug and Melissa talking but Doug did not look happy. "Man they fight a lot it seems" commented Lance. Elena smiled at lance "nothing they cant handle" said Elena. The flashbacks of the earlier with Doug and his sister. She glanced back at them reading their body language.

When Doug got up Melissa got up to but it was not like he helped her up more pulled her up. Most would not notest but with her training from her dad, she knew what to look for in people. Melissa did not go straight to his side or close to him, she hung back for a few seconds until he pulled her in. Doug seems to be controlling every moment. Grabbing her upper arm, not her hand Elena knew that was a controlling move just like in martial arts. Doug was good at hiding it but Elena could see what he was doing. but Melissa was not making a big deal out of it. Elena would have to ask her about it some time. or keep an eye on Doug. "Hay earth to Elena," said Lance. she blinked a few times and got a big seductive smile "yes?" she answered. Lance looked into her eyes "ok babe what you jealous of them?" he asked. she let out a quiet laugh "No, I like what we have" she said putting her hand on his chest. "You worry too much Lance" giving him a kiss on the cheek. He gave her a smile "ok, you when." he said to her. They looked back at the DJ Elena smiled at lance "let's dance." Lance got up and held his hand out to her "sure" he answered. they joined the others dancing.

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