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The seven logo

The seven

Sea haven is a normal place. Just a small town built high above the ocean. The whole place set to over look the beautiful sea below. Its full of smiling faces. Kids, old people and family's. Just your every day town. But there is something about this place. Its always so full of energy. Like ... More...

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Created : Dec 18, 2017

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What if... let's pick a show... logo

What if... let's pick a show...

Hey y'all- I'm a bit of a TV nut and with Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix my addiction is even worse. I've always had a nagging feeling after some shows ended - "That's IT?!!!" I'd ask annoyed when shows like Firefly ended after so few episodes or how at the end of The Shield, Vic Mackey is stil ... More...

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Created : Jan 4, 2018

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How we live logo

How we live

It's been eight years since the world as everyone knew ended thanks to the Ebola virus that killed off a good portion of the human race and caused mass chaos -nature has reclaimed the cities as have the animals that dwell within them, though sickness and wildlife isn't the only thing to worry about ... More...

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Created : Oct 1, 2017

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Hancheister Township logo

Hancheister Township

The game takes place in an alternate earth, where history played out a little different. England is united under the line of King Arthur, the Pendragon name is kept as the King. The Christian religion has some influence, but the pagan faiths never died out, leading to a mix of magic and religion i ... More...

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Created : Dec 15, 2017

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Two kingdoms logo

Two kingdoms

In this game there are two kingdoms called Verden and Dalen. Verden is ruled by the king, Asgurt, who is very just, but all kinds of magic are seen as a threat towards the kingdom and its people. Anyone who is found guilty of practicing magic, helping mages or hiding magical beasts will be execut ... More...

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Created : Sep 30, 2017

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In A Different World logo

In A Different World

You are minding your own business in present time and dreading your sad and crappy life when BAMM!!! You got killed by accident.......or did you? You wake up to see "Lily the Divine One" who looks like a cute angelic girl with a goody two shoes personality and a flare for the dramatics while surro ... More...

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Created : Nov 26, 2017

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Game of Thrones logo

Game of Thrones

Hey! Welcome, I'm happy you've decided to take a look and maybe join this game :D This takes place right at the beginning of game of thrones, it will focus more on the vassal houses an how the events affect others along the way. you can also play as a canon character or even characters from the tel ... More...

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Created : May 12, 2017

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Star Wars - A

Star Wars - A "What if" Series

Fan theories abound among Star Wars fan on 'what if' a certain thing had different in the Star Wars storyline. Yoda had beaten Palpatine in Episode III? What if Luke had turned to the Dark Side when being taken to the Emperor in Episode VI? What if Jar Jar Binks was actually a Sith Lord? No... w ... More...

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Created : Dec 27, 2017

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  • Puzzled ( Posted Jan 15, 2018)
  • Nodia ( Posted Jan 12, 2018)
Blade Runner : 2052 logo

Blade Runner : 2052

Early in the 21th century the Tyrell Corporation had advanced robotic evolution into what was termed the Nexus Phase. The introduction of artificial beings virtually identical to their human creators collectively known as Replicants. By the time of the introduction of the Nexus 6 series. Replican ... More...

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Created : Oct 9, 2017

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The Last Reunion logo

The Last Reunion

You are now about 28 years old and about to attend your 10 year High School Reunion at High Tower High School. This is for the 2008 graduates or those who should have graduated at that time. Perhaps you came early in order to check out your old alma mater or some friends or family. Even if you jus ... More...

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Created : Jan 7, 2018

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Trapped in a parallel galaxy by a freak wormhole accident, many of the crew of the Gray Dwarf found themselves victims of a Cadmium II leak. A few crew members managed to survive in a stasis pod but the ship's AI developed logic issues and randomly releases them. With little hope of finding their wa ... More...

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Created : Dec 19, 2015

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The Path to the Dark Star logo

The Path to the Dark Star

There was a time when the land of Aran was a beautiful, peaceful place. However, those times are long gone. After a devastating event occurred, many don't remember when, the world is dying. With this threat comes the Dark Star, a portal that can transport those who wish to escape to a safer place, a ... More...

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Created : Nov 14, 2017

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Criminal Activity: Gangland logo

Criminal Activity: Gangland

Enter Dark City, population a million plus, and nearly all of them crooked. Enter a world where darkness reigns; most cops are on the take, the politicians are influenced by local gangs, and everyone... I mean everyone is part of the criminal machine. Sure, there are those who just suffer from the ... More...

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Created : Mar 1, 2017

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Bridgewater county logo

Bridgewater county

Bridgewater is a small town set in the beautifle farmin country of Montana. Its full of hills and vallys and backcountry so beautiful it takes you breath away. There are lots of farms and ranches dotting the land. The town its self is small. With just a grocerie/drug store, gas samtation, a bar, a m ... More...

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Created : Nov 2, 2017

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  • Sue ( Posted Jan 12, 2018)
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High Noon at Rattlesnake Mesa(mature game) logo

High Noon at Rattlesnake Mesa(mature game)

A shot rings out through the canyon walls as the posse closes in on the gang of Outlaws. A tumbleweed blows by as two men square off for a duel. A rancher does his best to keep his heard together on a cattle drive. These are but some of the adventures you'll find in Rattlesnake Mesa. A small but ... More...

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Created : Sep 14, 2017

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Upperclassmen logo


Welcome to st.Christophers Privet learning. This is a school split into two groups. Boys and girls. They have to separate campuses. Each campus has the class rooms, two dorms, a recreational center, and a gym. the foot ball/soccer field, track and baseball field are shared. But the classes are sepa ... More...

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Created : Jun 3, 2017

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Once Upon a Time in Gondor logo

Once Upon a Time in Gondor

Ever wonder what's going on in Gondor while Denethor is allowing the city and area to fall into disarray? Well here's what... CRIME. As with all faltering societies, the criminal underworld saw the failing house and lack of a true king as a chance to pursue their own, devious interests. This is y ... More...

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Created : Jun 29, 2016

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2778 A.D. logo

2778 A.D.

The world is a wasteland with few forests. After WWVI 200 years ago, all nuclear devices have been launched and all known countries dissolved. Now, everything is like a desert. The world was renamed Sabaku. There are four different types of people: The Richies: Those who had money, influence, and ... More...

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Created : Aug 11, 2015

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In Love and War (A Game for Those Who Can't Post Regularly) logo

In Love and War (A Game for Those Who Can't Post Regularly)

War has broken out and the nations we once knew no longer exist. All that's left are ruins of once great cities. But new fractions have risen from the ashes. Not surprising, all factories that create weapons are highly guarded, better than even Fort Knox! The weak are also protected, but not for a n ... More...

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Created : Jan 16, 2017

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The harlquin logo

The harlquin

The Harlequin exists to police and punish supernatural leaders who violate various rules, wich all come back to the basics. Dont be get noticed by to many humans. Dont kill others of your kined. The harliqun is composed of very old and powerful vampires who are capable of manipulating the behaviors ... More...

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Created : Sep 17, 2017

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