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Celestial Nexus

In this futuristic conflict, the cosmos is a stage where myriad factions vie for supremacy. Technological marvels define this era, as factions harness advancements from unknown sources. The origins of these technologies remain shrouded in mystery, sparking an arms race that transcends galaxies. A ... More...

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War Never-Ending

In a dark future time. War is what fuels modern society but with no Alien menace to fear nor any real external threats to face the only real enemy is the ones manufactured for humanity to fight. ... More...

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ALIEN: Nomad

WHAT'S THE STORY, MUTHUR? The SS Nomad is about to embark on its maiden voyage. Looking for more Players to join a campaign involving the science exploration vessel Nomad. We need crew: scientists, wildcatters, survivalists, etc... Game System: Alien RPG Format: PLAY ... More...

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Star Wars: Alliance

Set during the early years of the Imperial age, the Republic has fallen and a select few fight to form an alliance to restore the Republic. This game takes place from 3BBY, create either a Rebel or Imperial or something else entirely as you venture through a galaxy far far away. This game uses Canon ... More...

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Created : Oct 29, 2020

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Clarke's Third Law

A Classic Traveller Campaign ... More...

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Created : Dec 17, 2023

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More Stars Than Can Be Counted

With the long war finally over Amanda Ten is finally heading home to the former colony world of Reach IV. The only problem is that the colony on Reach IV was evacuated nearly two decades ago midway through war leaving the newly Terraformed world all but abandoned. More troublesome is that she will ... More...

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Vampire the Masquerade in New Orleans

This game takes place in New Orleans in present time. Create a vampire and choose whether they support the Camarilla (prefer to hide from humanity and blend in), Sabbat (want to conquer the world) or Independent Clans (do what they want either way). Each side comes with a price and all the charact ... More...

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The Hunger Games

May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor ... More...

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After a catastrophic events, the world has fallen still and quiet. Other than the Zombies. Not much is left of Civilization. Only a few elements of the past remain such as building now run down and falling apart, vehicles sitting abandoned and lining the now still roads, and every now and then a sig ... More...

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Game of Thrones: The Next Generation

Peace had come to Westeros. Bran the Broken has been a fair and just ruler but never took a wife nor named a successor. King Bran is on his deathbed and the Six Kingdoms await his final decree.... who will rule? Help decide! You are one of the next generation of nobles or their children from ... More...

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Rebuilding a Village

Buckley Village was almost completely destroyed. The survivors had taken shelter in an abandoned keep for months, but now they are ready to go home and rebuild. Most of the original population of the village were killed so there's plenty of room for newcomers. ... More...

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Elesium Rising

Elesium, a paradise amidst the clouds. The flying city is a wonder to behold and a treasure trove of mechanical magnificence. For five hundred years, the best and brightest of humanity have survived and thrived while the world below has become a dark wasteland smothered in a thick blanket of churnin ... More...

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CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW PLAYERS Maelstrom takes place in a steampunk setting where a precious resource called Flagesium powers the remaining bastions of humanity. Flagesium is acquired from a great mine known as the Delve, where raw Flagesium is extracted and moved by rail to the dark industrial ... More...

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The Aurus System

It is a time of transition for galaxy. The Empire has been defeated, giving rise to the New Republic in it's wake. But with reconstruction underway across known space, the fate of the outer rim very well may hang on the outcome of a vote in the Aurus System. As factions clash over whether to join th ... More...

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Fight for the light

"As long as there is light, we've got a chance" - Poe Dameron Welcome to Star Wars: Fight For The Light. This game is set during the Clone wars time frame. The galaxy-spanning conflict is primarily between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which have seceded from ... More...

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The Dinotopian Pals: A Land Before Time/Dinotopia Crossover logo

The Dinotopian Pals: A Land Before Time/Dinotopia Crossover

After Arthur's Journey to Dinotopia's Eastern Empire of Chandara, The Empire starts reopening it's borders. Alongside that, Arthur and his son and Company make more and never ending discoveries all over the island. With new discoveries, Come new Friends of Human, Prehistoric Creatures either Meat ... More...

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Created : Sep 10, 2023

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The Shadows of Eldoria

In the realm of Eldoria, a land of magic, ancient ruins, and mythical buxom beauties, an ominous darkness has begun to spread across the once vibrant and prosperous land. The once-peaceful villages and towns now live in constant fear as the Shadowspawn, malevolent creatures born from a cursed artifa ... More...

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Dangerous Consequences

Set in a world where having superpowers is illegal, metahumans born with their powers either live as refugees, live as prisoners, or are pressed by the government into helping those who hunt their own kind. Of course a Meta Underground has been formed, as well as various resistance groups, made ... More...

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Lost In Space

In the year 2300 Earth was running out of resources due to wasteful humans. Granted Earth had made many advances in technology, science, recycling, however the pollution levels became irreversible for humanity. To save humanity several mining/exploration ships were created to colonize other worlds ... More...

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Point Break High

This is a Slice of Life Game that takes place in Point Break, California. The students will attend Point Break High School which is near the coast line and is a common spot for beach parties. It is told from the perspective of some of the students from Point Break High as they face issues that affe ... More...

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Created : Mar 21, 2021

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