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Rattkesnake Gulch,Texas

Howdy pardner The year is...ehh, who cares what the year is? Call it sometime after the Civil War and the turn of the century. It's the time of the cowboy and the gunfighter, of railroad and buffalo hunters, of Indian Wars and Colt Peacemakers. The place is a booming little town by the name of ... More...

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High School Angst

The rigors of high school are hard enough. Now add in the pressures of an elite private academy and the pressurs grow to insurmountable levels. That is the pressure the teens of the Skyler Prepartory Academy face everyday. A school of the elite where the children of actors, politicians and even roya ... More...

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Scrolls of Talantha

Adventures in a medieval world. ... More...

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The Rebuilding of Oz

It has been a decade since Dorothy Gale killed the Witch of the West, relieving the inhabitants of OZ from her tyrannical reign and returned home to Kansas, while the Wizard sailed away into the sunset. Since then, all of the Land of OZ has adapted to a different life, free from the threat of Evil. ... More...

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Alpha Squad

Alpha Squad are spec ops soldiers. The thing is a war has broken out between the United States and The Russian Federalist Collation, the US government suspects the enemy is using more than just normal soldiers. Alpha has been deployed behind enemy lines to find out what exactly is happening. ... More...

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Blue Dwarf

Alone in a Godless universe and almost out of shake-and-vac. At least, that's what the Blue Dwarf crew think. They are remnants of the survivors of the human race following the destruction of earth are living in the giant floating cerulean city. What dangers await in the deep void of space? What ha ... More...

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Foxcraft Prep Academy

The Foxcraft Prep Academy follows the lives of several wealthy and spoiled students attending a boarding high school in the upscale community of Beverly Hills, California. Founded in 1889, the Foxcraft Prep Academy in Beverly Hills, California, is the oldest coed boarding school in the state. All st ... More...

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Sliders: Unsolved Mystery

In 1996, shortly after Quinn Mallory and his friends began sliding to other dimensions, they encountered a deadly race of creatures known as the Kromaggs. The sliders got away, but the Kromaggs continued their hunt for human prey. One of the worlds that the Kromaggs attacked was defended by a bra ... More...

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The Dark Children

Carpathians, are a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living for thousands of years. Though they feed on human blood, they don't kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite thei ... More...

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Two kingdoms

In this game there are two kingdoms called Verden and Dalen. Verden is ruled by the king, Asgurt, who is very just, but all kinds of magic are seen as a threat towards the kingdom and its people. Anyone who is found guilty of practicing magic, helping mages or hiding magical beasts will be execut ... More...

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Silver Swords and Sorcerous Signs (A Witcher RP)

With King Foltest dead, slain by the hand of a Witcher of the school of the Viper at the behest of Nilfgaard's Emperor, Temeria is no more. Nilfgaard has conquered much of the Northern Kingdoms creating much unrest amongst the Nordlings who despise the "Black Ones", who they see as merciless invader ... More...

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The Mafia and The Cops

It's New York the 1970's the Mafia Family's are huge and well the cops are on their tell trying to stop them. You my friend are just starting out. The Mafia wants to run the town and think you would be a great asset hell maybe you could even rise to be the Underboss or even the Boss. The Cops know j ... More...

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SeeDs - Final Fantasy VIII

Several years have passed since the heroes of Balamb Garden saved the whole of space and time from the evil Sorceress Ultimecia. However, this victory in no means meant conflict in the world came to an end. With the President of Galbadia exposed as a puppet of the sorceress with many in the country' ... More...

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Lets Dance in the Pale Red Shadowrun Moonlight

Lets Dance in the Pale Red Shadowrun Moonlight This game will be HomeBrew (Shadowrun 4th ED Core, & Augment, Aresnal, Companion Book) & d20 Shadowrun Core. I will use some things here or there from the Following d20 Systems. D20 Modern, d20 Future, d20 cyberspace, d20 D&D, d20 CyberPunk. D20 Dune ... More...

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Please Join If Beginner Writter Like Myself. It is to Practice Writing Within Catorgories logo

Please Join If Beginner Writter Like Myself. It is to Practice Writing Within Catorgories

(OOC I am the one of the worst writers and I'm just starting so this is a story for beginners. If one, please join!) Athina sat up, rubbing her eyes. The morning sun blared its light onto her, kissing her skin. She suddenly sat up, her back in immense pain from sleeping on the desert ground. She wh ... More...

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Undeclared Community logo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Undeclared Community

Robert E.O University or R.E.O.U is a premier international university, located in the otherwise sleepy town of Westdale, Virginia. It's most prominently noted for its medical and environmental programs, but offers a wide range of courses and activities to its students. Despite it's small size, it's ... More...

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Project Madbird (All New Members Welcome!)

Cunningham High in New York prides itself on being a prestigious institute for upper class or extraordinarily gifted youth, a place where opportunity is granted freely to those Society feels deserve it. Boasting a large student population of around five thousand pupils and a record number of extracu ... More...

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Xierheart: The Kingdom of Arcadia: Origins of the Dark Lord logo

Xierheart: The Kingdom of Arcadia: Origins of the Dark Lord

A long time ago, before even the greatest of kingdoms were build in Xierheart, people could practice magic of all kinds without restraints. A time where everyone was fighting in eternal war. This was known as the age of Warlords. A time were the name of Soularous was feared among the land. That wa ... More...

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Engines of Chaos logo

Engines of Chaos

The multiverse is in peril, and only you have the means of saving the multiverse from itself. Various factions battle for control of the many universes in an endless war of conquest that costs the lives of innumerable peoples. As these various empires grow, nobody is safe, and somebody has to ma ... More...

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