What happened to the Blue Dwarf?

--- Snip ---

"And hope she knows what happened to the Blue Dwarf..." Jamie added. "Maybe those Marauders had something to do with it. We could always go back and see if we can find a working computer?"

Jay sighed. Perhaps he could have done something if they'd been closer...

"We should scan again before we do. There might be more escape pods out there." He said, stepping out of the room, back towards the front of the ship.

--- End Snip ---

Jade woke groggily, slowly taking in her surroundings. She was no longer in the escape pod, it looked like she was in a Starbug of some kind. could still be pirates though. A thought raced into her brain and took over, Cass! Was Cass alright?! She lurched out of the bed and wobbled as the concussion reminded her that it was still a valid consideration that she should be more mindful of. She closed her eyes and waited for the spinning and nausea to subside a bit.

If this was a standard Starbug, space corps issue, then there would be a medi-bay. She looked around and noted her bag nearby, that'd do in the meantime till she could get herself properly checked out. Assuming she'd been picked up by Dwarfers somehow and not kidnapped by pirates. She fished through the bag for some drugs, hoping to patch herself up long enough to work out what was going on.
A few moments later Jade was creeping down the stairs, listening for danger. It was easy enough to hear Jay and Jamie talking in the main part of the 'bug. 

"Chrysler? Really? The crew quarters? You've had enough Space Corp training to know 'bugs have medi-bays." She burst out angrily, leaning on the doorframe as the sudden movement and anger caused everything to sway. 

"Jade! You're awake. What happened?" Jamie leapt to his feet and helped Jade to sit down. 

"Pirates. That's what smegging happened." She waved Jamie off and slumped into a chair.   "They attacked out of nowhere. We think they came from behind a moon, hiding in the shadow of it. Punched holes in 20 decks before we could even get the defensive turrets online. They boarded and..." Jade paused, remembering the blood and death that had swiftly torn through the corridors of the Dwarf. The people she'd not been able to save. They'd been outgunned, outnumbered and caught out.
"It became clear that we had to leave. Cass pushed me into the nearest escape pod and ran off. I... I don't know if she's still on board the Dwarf or got to a pod herself. I fell awkwardly when Cass pushed me, knocked myself out on the corner of the console."

There were a few beats of silence as the two boys took in the information. Jade knew she'd not gone into as much detail as she could, but her head was throbbing still. She looked over at Jay and grimaced, she didn't hate him but his flyboy, playboy attitude annoyed her. That and he'd hurt Cass too many times.

"So, what's the plan now? Have you found any trace of Cass? Where's the Dwarf?"  


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