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Summary: An unfortunate self-loathing Navigation Officer addict to caffeine and a jazz connoisseur

Eira Griffith

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Navigation Dept & Pilots


Human (formerly)

Soft-light Hologram


Navigation Officer Fourth Class, former part-time juggler and jazz musician

Physical Appearance

Eira is about 5' 8" tall (172 cm), weighing 66 kg with an average slim physic. She has jaw-length sandy brown hair that is loose and curves outwards, with the left being shorter and more hair curled around the ears. Her eyes are shaded in a boring blue, a metallic H on the forehead and an occasional smirk can be seen every so often. Has an embarrassing pear-shaped birthmark on her inner right thigh and a small mole on her left cheek.

Dresses according to standard JMC regulations. As such she wears a ship-issued uniform – buttoned short-sleeved shirt, trousers, boots and belt – with her rank insignia. Undoubtedly she stands out amongst most of the remaining crew. A necklace with a small dragon made out of scrap metal hangs from her neck; made by her younger brother Owain.

Personality and Interests

Because of her upbringing Eira is rather sensitive when it comes to criticism, instead folding under pressure when it is directed towards her or is believed to be her fault. Despite the moody gloom she has a peculiar sense of humour that sometimes takes a jab at herself if she is in a good mood, or at other times takes the form of dry wit at the expense of other people near her. Eira tries, and sometimes succeeds, at being a chirpy optimist, but it is normally a facade to hide her insecurities.

Her interests include drinking coffee (hot or iced), listening to old jazz tapes, watching the stars and a desperate wish to create the most accurate star chart in the galaxy. If a lot of caffeine products are consumed Eira would normally go crazy like a hyperactive kid with pure sugar in their veins – wide-eyed and grinning all the way. She is dedicated to her career, but never able to reach the effort to gain a higher rank and fulfill a wanting need to be recognised.


Eira was born in one of the run-down factory colonies of Luna, the Earth's moon. She comes from a long line of Welsh immigrants who tried to keep their language and past alive, which is how she had a Welsh accent despite never living in Wales. Growing up with demanding parents that held unnaturally high expectations for Eira and her five younger siblings, she was forced to find demeaning industrial labour work at the age of thirteen to help keep money flowing, picking up a caffeine addiction while attempting to find ways to keep herself awake, but ultimately failed to keep a steady job.

Years of hard work, coupled together with constant berating from her over-ambitious parents and the natural skills of her younger siblings turned Eira into a disillusioned person who blamed herself for her family's low income and terrible standing in life, even though deep in her subconscious she despised them all. This troubled family life did produce one major positive change in Eira's life: a love for the stars. In an attempt to escape her family life and the moon she was stuck on Eira turned her mind to understanding astronavigation, a subject that she poured almost all of her time into. The only family member she ever got along with was her younger brother, the youngest of all six, Owain. Being eleven years older than him, Eira acted more as a second mother than an actual sister; it was the one true source of affection that Eira felt.

Upon turning twenty-three Eira, after a nasty quarrel with her parents, wandered the grimy streets until she stood before the JMC Recruitment Centre, and, after giving it a moment's thought, joined the Space Corps and abandoning her family without a single word. It is an action that she feels both regret and relief. Eira was eventually assigned to the Blue Dwarf. After five years aboard Blue Dwarf Eira worked her way diligently to the rank of Navigation Officer Fourth Class, picking up an infuriating love of 'classical' jazz and continuing to regularly fill her caffeine addiction. Yet she never made it to a first class position, remaining incredibly low in the ranks.

Unable to feel much self-worth and with the words of her parents taunting her, Eira was more than a little depressed when she unexpectedly died in the radiation leak. Even more unexpected was her accidental revival over three million years later by someone hitting the wrong set of buttons. Now stuck light years in the middle of nowhere, Eira is more than a little concerned about her state of non-existence and what has happened to the universe during her death, or what universe she is in for that matter.

Favourite Sayings


"I've been told I'm as reliable as a plumber - they're probably right."

"What a bunch of smeggy twonks."

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