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Blue Dwarf.

Originally dispatched to try and find the missing Red Dwarf, the crew of its sister ship, the Blue Dwarf, used their fruitless mission as an excuse to bum around in space and get up to all manner of adventures. After more than fourteen years of lovingly role-played stories, things have changed somewhat. There have been giant alien spider monsters plaguing the galaxy, the entire crews hallucinations coming to life, doctors attempting to take over the universe, murder mysteries, the original Captain going insane and attempting GELF genocide, the Queen of England being cloned... sort of... the list goes on.

The JMC turned out to be thoroughly corrupt, and after an accident, well, more of an explosion really, the wormhole drive was reduced to molten slag, stranding the ‘Dwarf on exactly the wrong side of the galaxy. To make matters worse, the explosion destroyed the main reactor and flooded the ship with Cadmium II radiation, forcing the crew into emergency stasis for quite some time.

Out in deep space, 3,000,000 years later, the already war battered Blue Beast drifted; the remainder of crew for the most part getting along as best they can as they struggled to simply stay alive long enough to get back to Earth. Habitable to a degree, but rusty and in places downright dangerous, with supplies running low, the last humans left alive in the universe found that day to day survival could at times be tough - especially with their numerous run-in's with the Space Time Continuum Police.

Things changed again when the reality Dwarfers hailed came from was consumed, as the meta-entity at the end of the universe breached the final singularity. As the unwitting catalysts of this evolution, the surviving Dwarfers were ejected into new lives in a new reality; here the Earth had been destroyed a few years after humanity had made it into space, the cataclysm reducing human race to a few million individuals, scattered across the galaxy.

City-sized ships like the Dwarf act as hubs for what remains of Human culture in an uncaring galaxy, populated with thousands of colourful alien races.

Come on in - Join us and help shape the galaxy!

Welcome to Blue Dwarf
We do things a little differently to a lot of other sims; here we actively encourage you to use other people's characters, to interact with them and push the plot along. This might seem a little intimidating to begin with, but just remember that nobody gets it right all the time and unless you deviate drastically from someone's character it's unlikely people would get upset; in any case an email always smooths everything out

The moderators actively push the main storyline along, although they expect and ask for curve balls to be thrown at them. That isn't to say that our players rush along and complete everything, or decide what comes next without consulting them or killing off major NPC's. More like, no one was expecting that bulkhead to collapse in our way as we are running away from the giant purple land squid, right? Or perhaps the crew are stuck in a mine with a damaged force field, do you repair it, or does it fail and cause more chaos? The players drive the story almost as much as the mods do.

It can seem daunting when you look over the posts, they might seem a lot longer than you are used to. That's nothing to be scared of. It's not a requirement to write an essay to post. Sometimes a simple paragraph is all that's needed for a post. That said, things do move at a slower pace, so it's nice to take some time to really think about it and truly colour the story that your character is in. A lot of our members take great joy in detailing the world they are in and the situations they are a party to. Their characters thoughts and feelings are a fantastic thing to explore.

Like the most recent Red Dwarf series, things aren't what they used to be. It's a darker universe that Blue Dwarf flies in, one with bad language and people that do horrible, twisted things; but there's still a place for everyone on board - all we ask is that everyone respects each other and that you have fun.

Just watch out for the midget.

Fancy joining in?
Just click here, fill out the form and submit us a new character
We usually look for a good couple of paragraphs or more in each of the main fields of the character application form and human characters with no superpowers - we're all (mostly) normal here

Stuck for character ideas?
Here are a few suggestions of things your character might have done aboard the Dwarf before disaster struck:

Sensor Computer Operator (Drive-room based, be in charge of scanners)
Communications officer (Be the next Uhura!)
PA to the Captain (Be Ferrington-Blonde's bitch)
Health and Safety Inspector (Are you annoying enough?)
Defence Officer (Coordinate ship defences against an attack)
Drive-Room junior (Faxing, filing, photocopying)

Stellar Cartography Officer
Starbug Tactical officer (in charge of weapons in shuttles, while the pilots fly)

Pilot (Fight with Jay over who gets to fly the Starbugs)
Starbug sanitation (clean the Starbugs!)
Shuttle maintenance
Flight Deck Parking Assistant
Shuttle mechanic
Pit-stop Steward (Repair, refuel and maintain shuttles during busy periods)

Repair technician
Skutter + droid maintenance
Holographic technician
Reactor maintenance technician

Weapons inventor
Chemical Weapons expert

Mining Engineer (Easy job, as we never do any mining)
Ramscoop control (check the amount of materials being collected as we scoop it up from space)

Parrotts Bar Barman
Shop / Restaurant owner (Open a shop or restaurant on the Promenade)
Erotic Dancer (From one of the sleazy clubs down the disreputable end of the Promenade)
Mafia Boss (Own one of the sleazy clubs down the disreputable end of the Promenade!)
Entertainer (Sing, tell jokes, do magic to keep up ship morale. Perform in Parrotts Bar!)