H2O Anyone?

Emma looked at Crow before nodding in agreement with him. She had to agree that it would be smart to avoid trouble, but she also knew that fights were an inevitability in a world like this. “I agree with him,” She commented, gesturing to her current travel companion. “Every place is different and, well, I’ve not got too good a memory.” She couldn’t recall anything beyond the past year, after all! “Please, get us up to speed, would you?”

She tried to keep her voice calm, but felt her monotonous tone was probably off putting. If she needed to, she'd go off on her own, but it was always nice to have companions and someone to talk to aside from herself.

Crow sighed as he was pained by the loss of his companions in the crash as well as all the supplies that would be lost as well. He was uneasy by the new companions but it was better than being alone and hunted by the military in the past. Perhaps he could make this work. Emma seemed to be easy to get along with and Rook seemed to have a sense of morality so he hoped they would not double cross him in the future. Since he was a stranger in a strange land he decided to go with the flow for now till he had more options. After Emma asked for information he replied, "Yes do tell."

Rook paused for a moment thinking over their questions as he prepared a make shift dinner.

"There's various settlements dotting the area most operate on a bartering system now. You might have some luck if you've got currency with some of the larger settlements though don't expect to get much bang for your buck better off burning paper money for fuel or trading in coins for the precious metals. If you got scrap metal or electronics There are plenty of people who will buy it, food medical are also popular, purified water will get you a pretty penny, and lastly you got your top contenders such as military grade bullets and artifacts from the zone itself."

Taking the pot of soup he set it on the fire to cook before continuing to speak. "There's also the matter of factions a lot has changed over the years in while you still have some lone wolves most people tend to group together nowadays. You've got loners who are your typical stalkers who have banded together because they don't want to submit to a central authority so they're mostly loosely based, there's of course mercenaries, government scientists, military, my order, and of course the variety of bandits that roam the land just to name a few."

Crow listened to Rook speak and let it all sink in as he pondered on a few things. A few things he was use to doing back home and some he learned during his travels. Then he decided to test the waters as he offered a money making offer. Crow said, "So by chance if someone knew how to make drinking water, how valuable would that be worth?"


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