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Summary: A treasure hunting oddball mechanic looking for a big score

Max Crowley aka Crow

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Trespasser

Place of Birth

Nowhere, Texas


Freelance Trespasser


Max stands at around six foot in height. He has wavy black hair, stubble and blue eyes. He's fairly good looking, despite being scruffy. He usually dresses in a black jumpsuit, black trench coat, plague mask and black hat. It makes it easy to hide in the dark when he works.


Max was born on the desert of Nowhere, Texas raised in a trespasser community. He was found on the door steps of an orphanage and raised there. Growing up he never had to worry about the government's influence on the zones, in fact he didn't even encounter the Response Government until he himself was brought into Zone Athelstan by his orphanage manager. Max hated being poor and developed a habit of collecting shiny things which earned him the nick name "Crow". He learned mechanics and tinkering growing up for spare change. He continues to travel to zones in search of their secrets and treasures.

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Image of Max Crowley aka Crow
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