Meeting Rook

Rook continue to provide cover fire until the two figures were in the church. Standing up he made his way down the stairs towards the ground level.

"So any ideas on how we confirm if that voice has our best interest in mind or are they looking to kill and loot us?" Crow scratched his head as he lifted his black hat. Then he ran his fingers through his hair to fix it and put his hat back on.

"If I wanted to kill you I wouldn't have gone to the effort of saving you from the beasts" he responded running over to the door and and lifting up a solid wooden beam into place to hold the door shut. "That should hold them out. Soon they'll give up and feast on their dead and move on before the storm hits." Walking over to a chair He sat down and removed his helmet. "I'm Rook by the way so what brings you two out to the middle of nowhere?"
Crow was both impressed and surprised they were rescued by the man named Rook. It was rare to see a friendly anywhere these days since most people were only in it for themselves, especially the military. He gave a semi wave to Rook and then looked at Emma to see what she wanted to do.
Emma,” is all Emma offered to Rook and shrugged at Crow. She honestly didn’t know what to make of their situation at the moment. All she recalled was the past year, really. Not even that was much, so she had no clue how to answer most questions. “What has you hiding out in a place like this?” She asked after a moment of awkward silence between the three of them.

In all honesty, she wished she could remember something - anything - about who she truly was before waking up. The man that had helped her had not given much information, which irked her to this day, but what could she do?

She just hoped neither man would ask anything personal because, well, she couldn’t answer it.
Crow could see Emma was not volunteering much in the way of information so he decided to break the ice a bit more. Crow spoke up, "Oh yeah I go by Crow. I kinda survived a plane crash so I am a bit out of sorts on where I am."
"Must be new to the zone" he replied before gesturing to the White Cross patch on his arm. "I'm a member of the Hospitallers, we tend to use a lot of the churches as waystations and Outposts. I was sent out here to restock supplies and to check out local mutant and bandit populations."
Crow looked at Emma and was glad that Rook didn't seem dangerous to them. He replied, "The Hospitallers eh? I am not familiar with them, but it sounds like they are a helpful bunch. Would you by chance know anything about this place? Oh and your group want the remaining supplies on the crashed plane they might want to hurry before the wildlife gets to it first."


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