Your Two Cents

"She's right anything that hasn't been picked over yet probably it's going to get destroyed in the storm" Rook replied with a shrug before setting up a camping stove "either of you hungry I got plenty of food and the storm's not going to be letting up anytime soon."

Crow shrugged as he saw it was pointless to push the topic of collecting anything from the wreckage. He wished he could at least bury his teammates but by now they were food for the beasts. This did make him sad but his sad expression was hidden behind his bird like plague mask. He replied, "Glad you do have a food stock pile for later on. I'm good for now since I ate on the plane before we crashed. But before we get to that can you fill me in on how trading is done in these parts, what is good to trade and who we need to be wary of?" Crow was hoping to avoid as much trouble as possible.


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