Waiting out the storm

Emma let Crow finish before she stepped in. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to go back to the plane. Those things and any scavengers nearby will have most likely gotten to it by now.” She explained with a shift from one foot to the other. “I keep myself on the move just to avoid that, so I’m pretty sure it’s already taken over.”

The girl had no ill will toward either man. She just wanted them to know the truth and the sad facts of this land. Only a year had passed, but she understood that nothing was easy and this world wasn’t going to offer up freebies to anyone. She hated it, yes, but she had to face that fact herself the hard way.

"She's right anything that hasn't been picked over yet probably it's going to get destroyed in the storm" Rook replied with a shrug before setting up a camping stove "either of you hungry I got plenty of food and the storm's not going to be letting up anytime soon."

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