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Springtime, yay! COVID19 is putting a heck of a damper on things though. Welcome ThePhoenixKing to the OWCP! Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know if you would like some pointers finding your way about the website.

Posted by: Nim on Mar 30, 2020, 2:11pm

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OOC - Back for Now

Mar 24, 2020, 12:02am by Jaxx

Man I seemed to have missed a lot since my break. Jaxx ...

OOC - New Gods

Mar 22, 2020, 1:10am by Dantheman918

I have started a game set in a fantasy setting. In the game you are given divine powers by a elder god because the gods need to pass their powers onto the next worthy mortal every 5000 years ...

OOC - Last Call for ToS Nominations

Mar 14, 2020, 3:58pm by Nim

The deadline for submitting Tournament of Simulations (ToS) nominations is tomorrow! If you know of an Ongoing Worlds game that you would like to see receive an award, nominate it now! Ins ...

OOC - I have no title for this and apologize for the inconvenience.

Mar 11, 2020, 10:24pm by LucianNepreen

Hello All, Ever since I started writing for OW, I have felt a kinship with those that I wrote with. I am not the best, but with the encouragement from writers like LargeHobbit, GardensTale, ...

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