This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

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Creating a "Character"

The only character anybody needs to make for this "game" is thereself. I'll describe what to put in the different Character Profile Labels below:

You can feel free to put "Pending," or "Don't care to answer," in any boxes you don't feel like dealing with at the moment of joining, although I believe that most of these catagories can help other people understand your writing and characters better without revealing personal information.

Name - Just put your Ongoing Worlds profile name.

Gender -Put the gender of the types of characters you prefer to write. If you prefer writing male characters, put in Male, female, Female, non-binary, Non-binary, etc. If you don't really care about your character's gender or like writing all genders, you can put Both, or All, or whatever.

Age - Put approximately how long you have been a member of Ongoing Worlds in this box. Your join date is listed on your profile page.

Group - If you usually prefer to create games rather than join games, put yourself in the "Game Developer" catagory, if you have no intention of creating any games and prefer to join games, put yourself in the "Member" catagory. If you like joining and creating games, put yourself in the "Both" catagory, and if you don't really know what you want, put yourself in the "Unknown" catagory.

Preferred Genre - List the genres that tend to intrigue you the most here. These can be as generalized or as specific as you want.

Writing Style Comments - Tell us a little bit about your writing philosophy and style here, especially anything you would like other writers to know about the way that you write.

Participation Motivation - Why did you join Ongoing Worlds? If you've been a member for awhile, then what has motivated you to keep up with it?

OW Comments/Concerns - What are your thoughts on Ongoing Worlds as a medium for Play-by-post games? What do you like/dislike about it. Any suggestions for improvement? What do you think about the community? Please be diplomatic and don't attack anyone here.


- Link to Post Replying/Commenting Instructions

- Discussion Topics Hub

Reports & Announcements
Here you will find some key reports and announcements pertaining to the community platform and other goings-on in OW.

- May 2018 OW Activity Report

Old Description

This is not intended to be a game, but rather a medium through which the Ongoing Worlds (OW) community can effectively share ideas and ask questions so that we can better understand one another. As it stands, the only sources at the moment through which OW members that are not in a game together can communicate are the ineffective Chatwing and the largely unused and probably defunct Discord channel. Hopefully, this "game" can help provide an effective means of communication that will enable people to share ideas with other people that they otherwise would struggle to communicate with.

My dream for this platform is to help OW members acquire a better understanding of the people that make up the Ongoing Worlds community by allowing people to ask survey style questions to members, ask for any kind of writing, character building, or game development advise, or even just to pitch game ideas. Right now, trying to make a successful game feels like throwing ideas at a dartboard and hoping one of them sticks. Maybe this platform can change that by enabling people to say what they want and let game developers work.