Help Missing Children

Mr. Williams had been a vampire for centuries now. Mr. Williams had lost most of his empathy for humanity. For some reason, he could not explain children still made his stomach turn when they were abused or killed. The one sliver of humanity left in him that just would not let go.

Mr. Williams had been an intelligence officer in the Army when he got imbraced as vampires like to call it. That was close to 100 years ago. It seemed longer with everything he had gone through. The skill was still with him as he analyzed the evidence and other information.

Mr. Williams looked up at the big screen on the wall. It had several of the pitchers up from the crime scenes and locations where they happened. The upductions of the children some suspect list and some other information The Staff had gathered so far. It was random for the most part for the victims. The victims were almost of the same age. But little connection past that. The work was not vampire or werewolf but some type of cult.

Mr. Williams sat there in his chair leaning back and playing with a ballpoint pen. With the things he could see and the history of the city, He wondered if someone was trying to attack his credibility and undermind his management and authority. That is how the last prince started to fall trying to force people to follow and rule with an iron fist and that seldom works.

Mr. Williams needs more information to go on. The prince started to think of vampires he could call on Leon and Colette LaPoint had an entire team of Nos working for them. Jai would get a copy of the file. Anglica or Giorgio was a great help last time with Aurora. He placed his list together and sent it off to Lia so she could set up meetings with them. This was not something that was going to be taken care of in one night thought Mr. Williams.

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