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Summary: Town Sheriff


Gender: Male

Age: Embraced 91 looks to be between 25 and 30

Group: Banu Haqim (Formerly Assamites)


mix of Caucasian, Indian, and Egyptian



Additional Discipline: Dominate
Eidetic Memory
Pain Tolerance

Blood sorcery, obfuscate, celerity


Banu Haqim


Prey Exclusion: women (especially the elderly)

Blood Addiction: Banu Haqim are drawn to feed from those deserving punishment. This is especially true for vampire Blood, the very essence of transgression. When one of the Judges tastes the Blood of another Cainite, they find it very hard to stop. Slaking at least one Hunger level with vampiric vitae provokes a Hunger Frenzy test at a Difficulty 2 + Bane Severity.[4] If the test is failed they attempt to gorge themselves on vampire Blood, sometimes until they diablerize their Kindred victim. This presents many problems as the Banu Haqim integrate with the Camarilla, who tend to see the Amaranth as anathema.

Judgment: Banu Haqim are compelled to punish anyone seen to transgress against their personal creed, taking their blood as just vengeance for the crime. For one scene the vampire must slake at least one Hunger level from anyone, friend or foe, who acts against a personal Conviction of theirs. Failure to do so results in a three-dice penalty to all rolls until the compulsion is satisfied or the scene ends. (If the one fed from is a vampire, it also triggers their Bane.)

Physical Appearance

Standing roughly 5'11", his slim build belies his actual strength. Sharp sky blue eyes, bronze skin, a face that has a fair few small light scars marking him from before he was turned. Medium length hair he keeps tied back in a sloppy ponytail. pierced ears. wears Egyptian inspired 'pharaoh' styled eyeliner.

His usual attire is a zip up hoodie both long and short sleeves depending on the day skinny jeans, and tactical boots. The hoodie hides a barebones tactical harness with knife sheaths. and a black t-shirt

Personality and interests

Despite being what some might assume to be a sadist given his methods he's actually got a handle on his emotions and only acts as he does because of his job and what that personality does for it. Owns a black 1973 Malibu


Prior to the embrace he did wetwork
Has been in New Orleans roughly 3 years, and only became sheriff under the new prince.
Prior to becoming the current Sheriff he proved himself by systematically taking out the old prince's muscle leaving him nearly defenceless when the hammer finally came down.

Favourite Sayings

Good cop or bad cop?

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Image of Jai
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