Finding the Hunter

Jp with Lasersexpanther, Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

There was no wards around the door and that was the only trap, once it was deactivated their nothing stopping them from opening the door.

There was no way to see into room, unfortunately, which made this precarious. The door was opened cautiously.

The room was large, painted flowers decorated the faded blue walls. There wasn't much left in here, two battery operated lanterns did there best to light up the room

There in the center was a woman, blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'7". Bound by chains to a pole in the middle of the room, and gagged. She looked worn out, blood dripped down her wrist, apparently injuring herself in an attempt to get free.

She looked like a normal young woman, caught in something beyond her scope. Except for her presence, every vampire in the room could feel it. Anyone who had, had the misfortune of running into her kind before knew exactly what it was.

Collette looked at the woman on the pool for a moment and then said, "I believe we have the hunter."

Jai nodded in agreement. "I'll handle it then." He said, stepping up to her. He had no intention of removing the chains but the gag he would. But before pulling it down he knelt and spoke. "I will give you one chance to be good. I offer you one opportunity to keep yourself from rotting in this place. I am going to remove the gag. Mind your tongue do I make myself clear.?"

The woman gave a slight nod, indicating she understood. Once the gag was removed, the woman took a deep breath.

She spoke instantly, blurring out. "The vampire - the one they were holding. You're looking for her? I want to help you - she saved my life."

Jai stared her down a moment before standing. "Not up to me." Jai said turning to the prince "Your call sir."

The Prince stepped forward. Lia went forward with the prince. to one side and a"So you say she saved your life? Did you get the name of the Vampier they are holding? Do you know who I am ?" asked the Prince. The Presence of the Prince was noticeable as he slowly made it stronger.

I think they said the vampire was named Aurora. She, Aurora, kept saying the name Alex. However, honestly, I am well aware of who you are, you're the new Prince of the city for the vampires. The Camarilla?" Aurora said she would cooperate with them if they didn't harm me." The young hunter paused. "Them - the kidnappers- I've seen them before, their kind - I came here looking for them- the Tmizice."

Mr. Williams gave the hunter a stern look. "It appears you have your facts in order. If you cross me or become a threat, anything I don't like. I will slit your throat, and watch you die. I promise you." said the Prince as he stepped back. Lia stepped in front of the Prince she stayed within striking range of the hunter. "Let the hunter go if she does anything threatening, deal with her." ordered the Prince. "Do you know where they took Aurora ?" asked the Prince.

"I don't know," The woman hadn't slept in several days or eaten anything in several hours. She then suddenly remembered. "The main one - I think he was in charge - L something. Levi? He said to tell you they took her where the dead sleep. But you won't find her without the black box."

There was that black box, mentioned again. Colette went over to the hunter and noticed the lock on chains. "Mr. Williams do you still have that key?"

Colette retrieved the key but didn't attempt the lock, yet as she waited for it to be checked for traps. Instead she spoke to the woman who was chained up.

"What's your name?" Colette asked the woman.

"Joyce," came the reply. "May I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Colette responded.

"Why aren't you threatening or attacking me?" Joyce asked

"Because not all vampires are monsters. Now my turn," Colette said. "Why were you hunting the Tmizice?"

"They killed my older sister, I was hidden but got to witness the horrible things they did to her. " Joyce swallowed. "She was my only family."

Colette sighed, "We aren't like them. Actually, I pretty much despise the Tmizice myself." She looked at the woman again. "How old are you?"

"8...19" in her state, Joyce's lie didn’t come out very well.

"I don't really care if your underage," Colette said, softly. "You want to try that again?"

"17," Joyce responded.

"Parents?" Colette asked.

"Dead," Joyce then added, "My sister was several years older than me and practically raised me. I now have no one, the Hunters won't take me back after this."

Colette had a feeling maybe acting with a touch of kindness would work better than threats, she was glad her instinct had been right.

"When do you turn 18," Colette asked.

"In three days," Joyce responded and it was if you could see the wheels turning in Colette's mind.

She would remove the chains as soon as the all clear was given, and hope it didn't backfire on all of them

Mr. Williams gave the key to Colette. He gave a sigh when Joyce told her story. " Miss LaPoint is correct not all vampires are the same regarding rules. Since you know about me I will tell you no one from my group would do anything like that and live to talk about it. I am sorry for your loss, Joyce. if you give Miss LaPoint everything you know I will see that they are brought to justice." commented Mr. Williams.

He paused and thought for a moment. It might be better to keep her close, for now, untell this gets all sorted out and we make a decision about Joyce. He struggled to come up with a plan at the moment that just did not kill Joyce Mr. Williams thought. humans that have knowledge of vampires are dangerous.

"Miss LaPoint, for now, Joyce is under your care and my protection. until everything is sorted out," said Mr. Williams not in a demanding way more like a favor. "Joyce, what I said earlier still stands as long as you are not a threat no harm will come to you. Do you understand?" asked Mr. Williams.

"Understood," Colette responded to the Prince.

As it turned out there were no traps not only attached to the chains and locks binding Joyce but there were no traps anywhere in the room.

Colette looked at the key, then at the lock, then back at the key. As predicted the key opened the lock, freeing Joyce. Who proceeded to rub her wrists and move her arms a bit.

"I advise you get up slowly, " Colette told the woman, "Let me know if you feel dizzy or off in any way."

Joyce slowly rise and managed to stand but she looked a little on the weak side.

Colette was the one to direct the team to the black box as she had put the coordinates in her phone. It was one floor down and in a room at the end of a long hall.

While the group was still being vigilant, no traps were found. And when they got to the box, itself, it contained no wards or traps.

"I believe the Malkavians must have been getting bored." Colette exclaimed.

She opened the box and in it was a small piece of stone and a small piece of metal. There was also a Polaroid type picture of a monument. The back of the picture read, "Figure it out, win a prize."

Without hesitation Colette took a picture of the picture and did an image look up on her phone. "That's St. Louis Cemetery number 1."

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