The Rescue

JP with Jaxx, Lasersexpanther, Lily and Cindy

Giorgio looked around the gate and saw nothing. "I don't see any traps."

Colette almost told him to back up, but then remembered, Giorgio gift. So to speak.

Angelica did however speak up, "Giorgio, you know you're really annoying when you do that." She turned to the group. "He's immune to magic."

Colette turned to Erykah and Dominic, "Would you two please make sure there isn't anything magical on the gate."

Erykah nodded as she replied, "Aye. Dominic let us git ta work." Dominic nodded and began pulling stuff from his bag as Erykah arranged the items on the ground while chanting, The two worked well together as if they had been doing this for a long time. The language Erykah was speaking was very hard to understand, especially with her Cajun accent. Lights from the objects began to come out of the objects she planted and float around like they were alive. The lights then began to buzz around the cemetery entrance.

In the end there were 6 wards on the gate and 2 magical traps that were so easy to diffuse that no one really figured out what they were supposed to do, if activated.

Those of the group that were going into the cemetery, went in and looked around. No traps were found, for the moment, but a wooden box was on the ground almost missed by everyone until Angelica pointed it out. "Is that something?"

Once it was checked for traps, of which there was none, the box was empty to find a small pyramid inside. Colette held up the clue, "Well, this is easy. There is a pyramid grave here, that doesn't have anyone in it. It seems like we're meant to go there."

Ryker signed, to Colette "Where is the pyrimid?" he asked looking out towards the other mausoleums. "And who would they have trapped for?" he asked his body clearly tense like an animal begging to be let to hunt.

Dominic whipped out his cell phone and typed in the subject for the layout of the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. Then after scrolling a few sites he pulled up a picture and zoomed into it till he found the one looking like a pyramid. He then spoke up as he showed it to Erykah who approved of it and then he spoke to Ryker, "Hey man look at dis picture. If we are here then we need to go to dis direction and the pyramid will be here." Dominic moved the zoom around on the picture to help show where they were and what direction they needed to go to get to their destination. Erykah then said, "We should proceed wit caution. Day may have more traps fer us." Dominic nodded as he tapped his bag.

Ryker began to sign again, "Could I not just run and set them off as I do?" he questioned. "I feel little pain."

Erykah shrugged as she replied, "It depends. Some traps are made to bind ye. Some are made ta slow ya down and some are made ta kill ya. Da ones who put these wards up are a bit mad in da head so it is hard to guess wat day are up ta. My concern wit ya goin all solo is how much damage ya take on da way. Perhaps day want ta weakin ya before they send da goons ta finish ya off. Its a big risk ta be so reckless." Erykah left the decision to Ryker but hoped he would consider her words.

Jai chimed in "It is a bad idea Ryker, but he's partly right." he added. "It's a big place, and we are playing against madness and a clock. We have to get these traps off, and get her back before the sun comes up. It's risky to move to slow."

"I say we just head over towards the pyramid. The ones that can check for traps go first. We'll just have to deal with them as we go." Colette said. She really didn't see another way around it.

The group would make their way to the pyramid surprisingly easily with no traps. However on the pyramid was another story. There was five lines connected to a bomb. Not magical at all but certainly needed to be diffused. Colette turned to Jai. "I believe you're up."

Jai nodded, and let his tool kid plop down next to him and started to look over the bomb. It was a nasty thing. Even for vampire kind. A gutted alarm clock connected to two mason jars, the lids promed with a small change to break the glass, the jar filled with metal shavings. "A rudimentary phosphorus bomb." Jai noted "Everyone stay back." He instructed opening his kit. "I'm surprised they didn't blow themselves up making his thing." Jai commented "All the wires are the same color..."

It took a few minutes of working out the junk drawer tangled wires but Jai finally cut a wire and the display blinked out. Then he carefully disarmed the jars. "That was nerve wracking." He said letting out sigh.

There was no other traps found, so Colette tried the door to the pyramid shaped tomb. It was locked, but she didn't bother saying anything thing. Instead, she pulled out of her pocket, a small black leather case. When it was unzipped it revealed a set of professional lock pics.

Colette eyed the lock, then the pics. She quickly took out what she needed and in an instant a click could be heard and the door slid open.

She then waited for the inside to be checked for traps.

Once Colette stepped aside Jai set to clearly the tomb for traps. He came up empty but did find an envelope.

Inside the envelope, there was a note which read.

Find the past human prince of the city
He who is your kind
For hundreds of years
She is in what was to be his shelf

Colette read the note outloud and said, "Another clue to figure out."

"Past human prince? What the hell does that mean?" Jai asked. "Have I mentioned I hate riddles."

"Another tomb?" Ryker signed a question.

Dominic rubbed his chin in confusion. He looked at Erykah and asked, "Do humans have a Prince in America?" Erykah slapped his arm and gave him a shameful look as she replied, "Of course not, they elect people now." Dominic asked, "Then who would have the same job as a Prince in the human world?" Erykah rolled her eyes up and sighed before she responded, "You fool...... It would either be a mayor or a governer." Then Erykah looked at Colette and asked, "Has any clan turned any politicians recently?"

"No," Colette responded. "I don't think that's what the clue is saying. The mayor part yes, but I think it's referring to a someone who was mayor when they were human,that later became a vampire. It also says they've been a vampire for hundreds of years." She pulled out her phone. "A Camarilla - because it says - "your kind". There is only one that fits all of that Valentine Quillion. So, I'm assuming either his tomb or his family's mausoleum." She continued to type on her phone. "Got it. It's to our left about 50 graves in." she held up her phone to reveal a mausoleum with the name "Quillion" arched above the front.

The group moved quickly, quietly but still cautiously as they headed towards the tomb. About halfway there, the sound of two deep male voices could be heard. Colette asked the group to wait a moment. She turned invisible and headed towards the noise.

It didn't take long before she was reappearing. "There are two guards - ghouls in front of the tomb." Colette reported.

Jai turned to Ryker. "All yours big guy." Jai whispered, and on his word Ryker's body language shifted completely. Going from a stoic man with military posture to something more like a stalking animal. Ryker gave a small indication of understanding. Moving quickly behind the rows of headstones. Vanishing from sight for a moment. The guard were not watching their own backs. Ryker slowly crept up behind them.

One of the guards was looking out toward the entrance gate. "Maybe they were to stupid to figure out the clues." he commented, but as he did Ryker slapped one of is massive hands over the others mouth and drug him back behind the tomb. Not hearing a reply, the first began to turn around, but snapped to attention when he hear the other's blood curdling scream, that abruptly was cut short. "Wha..." before the man could even finish speaking the hulking form of Ryker shot from the dark barreling the man over Ryker grabbed his head and slammed it into the ground until the flailing limbs stopped moving. Ryker stood giving the chest one good stomp before motioning the others over.

"Glad he's on our side." Jai commented and he got up from his crouch.

The group made it to the tomb, surprisingly there was no traps or wards on it. Now, to open it.

Colette picked the locked. The mausoleum was bigger on the inside and contained about ten shelves or drawers for the individual bodies. Fortunately, they all had names on them.

Colette found the one for Valentine. It had a birth and death date but she knew it was just a rouse. She got the drawer opened.

The coffin was put on the floor, Colette said. "Aurora might not have the best reaction when we open this. She'll probably attempt to attack who ever is the closest. Just leave her be. I'll try to get her to calm down." Colette paused. "And someone let the Prince know we found her." She figured they could just radio him on the walkie-talkie.

Colette took a breath and opened the coffin...

Jai grabbed the walkie on his chest harness and leaned his mouth to the mic. "We found her." he said and let his hand off she the Prince could respond.

Erykah began moving backwards and tugging at Dominic's sleeve to follow her. They gave plenty of space in case the kindred they rescued was in a state of panic. There was no need to risk an injury.

Aurora was indeed in a start of panic. She instinctively used her dominate skill. She leapt from the coffin she lashed out at the nearest person and bared her fangs. " Get the hell away from me" She hissed.

While Colette could feel Aurora trying to use dominate, it was very weak had no affect on her. Here we go, Colette thought to herself.

She jumped back, but then moved quickly getting Aurora gently held. "Aurora, Aurora. It's Colette. You're safe."

This would be easier with the Prince here but, at least, Aurora had met her before.

" Prove it, where's Alex" Aurora growled and tryed to get free.

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