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Summary: She is an entertainer and business woman trying to get ahead

Primogen Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette

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Gender: Female

Age: 50 looks 22

Group: Tremere


American, Louisiana, East Baton Rouge, Cajun
Born in 1972


Small business owner
Good cook
Home Schooled
Languages: English, Creole French, (Latin, Sumerian and other old magic related languages)

Starting Disciplines:
Average Thaumaturgy is the closely guarded form of blood magic practiced by the vampiric clan Tremere.
Average Auspex is a Discipline that grants vampires supernatural senses.
Average Dominate is a Discipline that overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree.


Tremere, although one of the newest vampire clans, the Treme are essentially Ventrue Lite — super-organized, super-into the Masquerade, super-pro-vampire society. What they lack in the Ventrue’s social status and power they make up for with Thaumaturgy, or blood magic. Not only does Thaumaturgy have the benefit of creeping other vampires out, it has a huge variety of powers to choose from, including alchemy, elemental control, conjuring, corruption, and so much more. Tremere are the mages of Vampire, and since all vampires are at least somewhat durable, Tremere don’t necessary get knocked out the second someone bumps into them like D&D’s mages do. It’s this massive flexibility that makes the Tremere one of the best clans in the Masquerade.

Tremere: The second youngest of the clans, The Tremere came into being in the Dark Ages. One of the strongest pillars in the Camarilla organization, they are both an integral part of its defense and support. Believed to be the strongest of all of the clans, Tremere are feared for their secretive nature, strict clan hierarchy, and the mastery of Thaumaturgy.


Clan Weakness: Blood bound to Clan Tremere
The original Tremere clan weakness consists of an initiation, which requires all neonates to drink from the blood of the seven elders of the clan when they are created. This means that all Tremere are at least one step toward being Blood Bound to the clan, and therefore must watch their step very carefully when around their leaders.

Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feet 0 Inches or 152 cm
Weight 45 Kg or 105 pounds.
Body Measurements: 30A-26-36 Inches
Color Eye: Hazel
Color Hair: Dark Brown

Personality and interests

Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette is a hustler at heart and is doing her best to get wiser and stronger at her own pace. She is hoping to honor her Sire who gave her a better life than her mother ever did. Since she didn't have a father her Sire filled that role till he passed on. Without his protection she knows she needs to get stronger and when she is not training she working the crowd to drum up business. Her biggest profit time is Mardi Gras and she rolls in a lot of money at that time. Since she managed to make a name for herself as her alter ego of Queen Mousette she managed to keep herself useful to the clan.


She was raised as the daughter of a poor single mother who worked as a house cleaner/prostitute who practiced Voodoo. Life was hard for them and they barely got by day to day. Then one day while her mother was out working when a nasty hurricane destroyed East Baton Rouge and poor Erykah was forced to climb up a tree to escape the flood. She watched as her home/shack was washed away. To make matters worse she could not climb down due to the flooding waters and gators below her. It was only a matter of time before she would die of starvation, hyperthermia or falling to her death. However she was rescued by her Sire who took her in and turned her after she learned that her mother drowned in the flood. Since she had no future she accepted her Sire and the new world of the Tremere clan. Her Sire taught her the ropes and was the current Primogen of the Tremere Clan in New Orleans. He set Erykah up with some small businesses to get her independent. She was the owner of a Voodoo Shop, selling herbs, Voodoo crafts and books, named "Queen Mousette's House of Voodoo". She was also the owner of a small but popular Cajun Food restaurant named "Queen Mousette's Soul Food". She hams it up with some fun performances to get the tourists to buy more. Sadly her Sire was killed when the Prince was killed and now she and her fellow Tremere are on their own with little support. Now they have to depend on the other clans for support.

Favourite Sayings

Ey man! Are ya er for biznez or pleazure?

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Image of Primogen Erykah Badu aka Queen Mousette
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