The Necklace

Jp with Lasersexpanther, Redsword, Jaxx and Cindy

Jai ran a hand down his face again. "Okay." he said. "Let's meet the Prince halfway and get to the children's level, figure out what to do from there. Are you both good to keep going or do you need a blood break?" Jai asked the pair knowing they were using a lot of their powers to get this job done.

While it wasn't exhausting and it took less time than if they were humans, it still took a while to climb the stairs.

Colette was making sure to keep an eye for traps but the stairwell seemed clear of any. She assumed if Jai had found any, he would have cleared them. Between Jai and Dominic and Erykah they could likely get rid of just about any trap. Still, she had an uneasy feeling about the Prince going up there.

Jai met the Prince as he arrived up the stairs, "I don't know what who ever did this is planning but we should move cautiously. Until proven otherwise I won't trust their word that we are alone here aside from the other guest." Jai told the Prince.

Jai took a beat before speaking again. "What will we do if if is a hunter they left here?" Jai asked, already assuming an answer, but also knew the circumstances at this very moment were atypical.

While the Prince was making a decision on what to do with the hunter. Colette spoke up. "According to the spirits Angelica spoke with its definitely a hunter. They, or whoever was speaking through Angelica, said that everyone was gone but the Hunter. They also mentioned something shiny being left for The Prince like a present or a box. Did you find anything like that?"

The only two vampire ghoul's bodyguards did not seem to get too tierd with all the steps but did take out their submachine guns and had them at the ready if needed. The other two bodyguards were vampires and had no problems with anything. The Prince knew the hunter would be very dangerous. "OK as for the Hunter if we can capture it then great. If not make sure it is dead. Burn it until nothing is left. We need to know what and where it came from." He said sniffing the air. He walks over to a wall and stared at it. Two of the bodyguards flank him with their guns ready "Sir?" one of them said. "Nice, there is a sticker-like thing with perfume on it. We are close now." said the Prince.

Erykah and Dominic quietly joined the others. Hoping to not get on the Prince’s bad side, were waiting on directions on their next task. At this point it was clear that they were on trap duty. After readjusting their gear, Erykah asked, “What is our next task?”

Before addressing Erykah and Dominic, Jai took out the clue page, "Colette can you make anything of this?" he asked, handing it over to her. "I figured out most of it, I think but it's Malkavian gibbering to me." Jai said before turning back to the others. "Scan for magic traps, then I'll sweep for traditional traps. We'll move down the hall slowly but as fast a pace as we safely can." Jai said, "We can't afford mistakes at the finish line." Jai ground his teeth slightly, "And if you can magic up a way to figure out who laid all these traps do it. I want to know who to get my hands on for fucking with us this much." then Jai corrected himself forgetting the Prince was there for a moment. "Of course not until after we get the names of who else is involved." he added.

Colette looked over the clue as she typed somethings into her phone. After a moment, "I think it mentions the hunter, that the hunter needs first-aid, there is no one left in the building and it mentions a box. On the bottom, those look like coordinates. Did you check those out?" Though Colette was already typing them on her phone. "I would guess either the coordinates lead to the Hunter or the box but they aren't for this floor. They are for the 8th floor. We should still clear this floor first though." Which seemed to be logical being that were all there.

From out of the stairwell, the group can really only turn left. To right is a wall with a window. The walk down the hall. A mouse runs by. They walked past a bunch of closed and locked doors. Faded paint shows signs that this was a more brightly colored part of the hospital than the rest that the had been explored so far. A sign to one side, wooden with metal lettering hangs to one side. On it was the well known motto of the hospital it reads:
Where the unusual occurs & miracles happen
Strangely enough the sign looks brand new, like it was hung recently.

Erykah and Dominic looked around and then began using their magic tools to check the area for anything magical. Even the smallest wards would leave a trace. Erykah also blew a powder that floated into the area and began glowing on some parts to reveal fingerprints and footprints or shoe prints. If they came from anyone recently they would be in the system for Colette. Erykah then waited to see what was exposed.

There were no wards, there were some fingerprints but only on the sign. Nothing else was seen.

Colette pulled out a fingerprint kit from her pack and carefully got the fingerprints from the sign. As she was investigating, she spotted something behind the sign. "There's something back here. I can't tell what it is without removing the sign."

Jai walked up and motioned Colette aside. Jai dug his fingers under the sign and pried it free from the wall with some effort, since he was trying not to damage the wall under it. Eventually he rocked the screws holding it to the wall free. "What is it?" he asked.

Colette walked to where she could get a better view of what was hanging there.

"It's a ...necklace, " She sounded confused more than anything. "With a unicorn? On it. And a key and a piece of paper taped to the wall with the same coordinates as before."

Jai looked puzzled "Why a unicorn?" he asked. "Because children? I don't get these riddles."

There were several wards on the necklace. The first ward was removed and there was the sound of something, a clink though it could have been just something falling down and wasn't loud enough to cause concern. Second ward and it sounded like gears set into motion.

Colette said, "Did everyone hear that? " She put up her hand in a stop motion and cautiously walked towards what was a nurses station, just a little further down the hall. She looked behind the desk and spoke again. "Remove another ward."

"Stop," Colette called out, when the next ward was removed. "Every time you remove a ward a cabinet door opens. I personally am not interested in finding out why. - There's a note. " Colette paused to retrieve the note. "It says, 'the only one who can retrieve the key. Who is the one that made who the necklace belongs to."

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