Talking to Ghosts

JP with Redsword, LaserSexPanther and Cindy

Before ascending the steps Jai turned back to Ryker, giving him a short list of orders through hand signs. Ryker nodded and confirmed he understood. As Jai, Eryka and Dominic headed upstairs towards the top floor, Ryker and Collette when outside to greet The Prince, once everyone was inside and while they waited for the Giovanni to arrive Ryker placed a file cabinet in the way of the door. Easy for a vampire to move but they'd have to pause for a moment to do so. Once the Giovanni arrived Ryker was told to bar the door more.

Pulling up to the hospital they park the cars off on a side street. Lia told everyone either by secure radio or text that the Prince was on site. as they made their way toward the entrance. Lia saw Colette and Riker coming out. Lia picked up her pace to greet them first. She was sure they saw the Prince and the bodyguards.

"Colette, Ryker. Anything new?" asked Lia.

"Let's get inside and we can talk," Collette knew it was not good to be standing out there.

Once inside, Colette filled the Prince and Lia in on what had happened. "We went to the casino. It was, mostly, a lot of magical puzzles set up. One of the clues there led us here. Apparently, they knew I was coming because - see that," the Nosfartu pointed to the writing on the wall. "That's Cherokee. When I hit the last word, it triggered that." Pointing to the opening in the ceiling with the steaks. "Jai was able to disarm it, but I must warn you that they seem to be targeting specific vamps." She looked at Alex. "Mr. Williams it can be almost a given there'll likely be something targeting you, if not here then the next place."

Colette's phone buzzed, after a brief glance, "The Giovanni are here."

As Ryker got the word he lifted the filing cabinet again and allowed the Giovanni inside before dropping it and putting another on top. Ryker approached Collette and Alex. "What is the next step." he signed to them, knowing he was muscle in this situation,

Not surprising it was Angelica and Giorgio who showed up from the Giovanni. They were usually who showed up for tasks like this. Colette was a little surprised not to see Giuseppe with them but she didn't ask.

"Let these two do their thing." Colette responded to what the next step was, before turning to the Giovanni. "What do you both need?"

Angelica spoke up, "Just two chairs, quiet and to be guarded. We decided in the way here, being that their are so many spirits here, it would make the most sense for me to try piercing the veil, first. Maybe, one of them will help us."

Ryker nodded and took three of the chairs from the 'waiting' side of the lobby and placed them. But indicated to them that if they needed them moved he would have to sweep the area first and make sure they weren't going to get anymore surprises.

Angelica sat in one chair and Giorgio sat facing her. Angelica then closed her eyes. She said nothing, and for several minutes it looked almost like she was sleeping or meditative.

Suddenly, her body shook and her head tipped back. She slumped in her chair.

Giorgio seemed unconcerned by this, but did say. "Damn. I guess there was a gate. She's pierced the veil, now.

Colette realized Giorgio was likely too concerned with Angelica to realize not everyone would understand about the gates. So, she took it upon herself. "Sometimes, there are barriers set up by the spirits that can be difficult to get through. It usually happens in places where people might die and come back to life, or might teeter on the brink of death for a long time. It's to keep the spirits that aren't supposed to cross completely over from doing so." Colette then added. "You know, like a gated community. Angelica had to convince the guards to let her pass."

The prince closed his eyes and seemed to pause. he opens his eyes. give a few of my guards to guard Giorgio and Angelica ." Lia was about to object but Alex raised his hand stopping her, "with me and you here Lia I am sure we can handle whatever comes." said the prince, his tone firm and steady. He turned to Colette "I would say, Colette, I say we spring the trap if there is one. They have been one step ahead this whole time. I am done playing games." Commented Alex.

"May I speak freely, Mr. Williams," upon his go ahead, Collette spoke. "Aurora is not here. The ones who kidnapped her are not here. If they were here we would have been attacked by now. They have however, likely, left traps randomly throughout the building. See that trap?" Colette pointed to the hole in the ceiling which the now disarmed wooden stakes were. "That trapped was directly targeted at me. Just me. I would think they likely have other traps set up with triggers directly targeting other individuals. You are most certainly on that list. Some are likely magically set. I do not know have the ability to disarm a magical trap - do you? Because Erykah and Dominic are both with Jai, who is trying to clear the building. We need to find out where they took her before we can do anything and if you get killed we might not be able to do that." Colette softened a bit. "I know it's frustrating and I understand that you're concerned and want Aurora back, but doing anything without the information we need won't do anyone any good and you going off around the building could lead to a bigger mess than this already is."

Again Alex closed his eyes and breathed slowly. After a moment he reopened his eyes. "Miss Colette, I know your right and I do sense some danger here, but they brought something here recently I can smell it. They knew I would be here. But I have to go further into the building to find whatever they left behind."

Lia spoke up after the prince. "How far can we go right now? What floors are cleared?" she asked.

"As far as I know, just this floor and the top one, so far." Colette replied. The building was not just 21 stories tall but the hallways were long and many jetted out into different directions.

Suddenly, Angelica spoke though her voice sounded distant and southern, not Angelica's voice - still feminine but different. "They left. Not here. Left someone behind.. be careful ....that one ....she is human but wants to kill the likes if y'all. Left behind a present - box something shinny for a king or prince." Then Angelica slumped in her chair.

"She needs blood," Giorgio said with an urgency to his voice.

"On it," Colette bent down to the cooler like backpack at her feet and pulled out a blood bag, throwing it to Giorgio who easily caught it and went about feeding his cousin.

"The present or box is what I think I am sensing it almost smells of her, but I can't place it in the building. But what else is her, well, I have no idea. I can't smell or hear anything else. If it is another killer or Vampier slayer we need to move carefully. Make sure you all move in groups. Let's not lose anyone tonight." said the prince.

Ryker didn't wait to get permission to speak he just started signing his idea "If we can clear the landing and a perimeter of each floor do you think you could smell her once we were on that floor?" Ryker signed the question to the Prince.

Prince did not seem to mind the man using sign language. The prince was impressed by it and made a mental note to him that he should learn it too. Lia was at a loss as well and knew this would come up later with the prince.

The Prince gave a nod after a translation was given. "I do think so. I am sure they left a trail I could follow when I am on the floor." explained the Prince.

Lia gave a concerned look at everyone "I am okay but the guards go with us and go first," instructed Lia.

Colette translated the sign language from Ryker.

She still didn't like it, the Malkavians were a tricky bunch and they obviously were behind the traps. When Lia mentioned the guards would go with them, Colette glanced over at Angelica and Giorgio.

Angelica seemed to be almost recovered. Colette asked them. "Do you two want to help with the search or stay here?"

An unlit exit sign hanging above one of the doors, fell seemingly of its own accord.

Giorgio shook his head, "We'll stay here, as lookouts."

Colette nodded, went into a backpack pulled out a walkie-talkie, tuning it to the correct channel, then handing it to Giorgio.

She them spoke into her own walkie-talkie to Jai. "The Prince is heading up. What floors have been cleared?"

Apparently, it was happening one way or the other, good to know where to start.

Jai came over the walkie-talkie sounding annoyed not by the call but the situation, only a thin vale of pleasant in his voice "Cleared all the landings and about two feet in. Got to the top floor before and found something. A riddle, by the wording it was meant for me, maybe Ryker. Just tell the Prince to avoid stepping away from the landing and head up I'll be waiting."

"Got it." Colette then reiterated the information to the Prince. "I'll go up with you." Now that she knew the Malkavians were being tricky it made it easier to look for traps

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