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Summary: Silent bruiser

Ryker Nacht

Gender: Male

Age: actual 110, looks 30's

Group: Brujah


German of Jewish decent

his last name means 'night.'


Brujah - Celerity, Potence, Presence

Pain Tolerance
Blasé: You are not easily impressed by others.
Tough as Nails
Without a Trace




Violent Temper: Quick to anger and always passionate. This makes them quicker to frenzy than vampires from other clans.
Compulsion: Right Wrong (at least in his eyes)
Rebellion: the vampire takes a stand against whatever or whomever they see as the status quo in the situation, whether that is their leader, a viewpoint expressed by a potential vessel, or just the task they were supposed to do at the moment.


Physical Appearance

Ryker stands just over 7feet tall, a towering sinewy figure. Short sweeping hair so blonde its white. Lightly tanned skin.

Personality and interests

Ryker is a stoic man. He is unable to speak beyond a few sounds, like sighs and grunts, though these are exceptionally rare the hear from him. He understands English, German, and Hebrew. Ryker speaks with ASL (American Sign Language) as well as military hand signs and when the occasion is needed he will come up with a gesture for something he doesn't know how to say.


Little is known about Ryker, what little he's told to others was he grew up on a small farm with is family. Saying it was very boring and nothing of note happened until WW2. Ryker joined to fight for his country figuring his parents lived far enough from any real points of combat they would be safe. Going on to say that ended up not being the case and his bastard father sold his mother out for the reward. He killed his father by caving in his head with several brutal stomps. Shortly after he was attacked and embraced. His sire left him to fend for himself which was fine by Ryker. He set out to kill as many Germans as he could for what they did. Ambushing any who found themselves in the middle of the woods at night, occasionally leaving one alive to spread the story. Becoming known among their ranks as Der schwarze Mann (The Boogeyman). He didn't get to many but he tore apart a few concentration camps when he could. When the war was he made his way to the US trying to put as much space between his past and his future as he could. It is unclear why he can not speak many who have seen his recounting of the war believe it was likely a chemical agent before his embrace that caused the damage. A few fellow clan members believe he choses not to, Ryker's never weighed in either way.

Favourite Sayings

no sayings can not speak

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Image of Ryker Nacht
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