The Prince Arrived at Hospital.

Getting into the car Alex looked over to Lia as she got in on the other side. They had used the underground garage so as not to be seen leaving. The AMG E 63 S Sedan was already running with two other bodyguards with them in the front. Lia looked back at Alex everyone knew Lia was not in a good mood and did not like the Prince going out at this time. The driver looked back "Sir ready to depart" the driver announced.

Alex looked up from an Ipad he was carrying. "Go" is all Alex said. The Black Mercedes drove off two others Black Mercedes joined them. Lia could not hold it back any longer "Mr. Williams, I don't like you going to let them do their job and clear the hospital building." Lia said concerned.

"I will say this one more time Lia, I will not sit around any longer! We have enough people on the ground there for protection. I have you with me. How much more do you want." Alex replied loudly. Alex looked back at his Ipad reading over the reports.

Lia looked out the window at the city lights it was dark out with only a half moon lighting the night which was more light than a vampire needed to see. "You know it is a trap. This whole thing is a setup. Just to draw you out." expressed Lia.

Alex started to show a sly grin. "I am counting on it. It will be their last trap. I will a sure you. If I find them they will die for the trouble they caused me." said Alex in ganger.

The three Black Mercedes drove through the city streets randomly making sure they were not being followed. they started down the street of the hospital. about halfway down some chatter came from Lia's earpiece. "Stay here Alex. Driver stop," ordered Lia. As Lia stepped out she looked around and then stirred towards a building. She signaled for security to set the perimeter up. the guards got out of their cars and looked around.

"Be right back," said Lia there was a blur and she vanished into the shadows. Her target was a nearby building Lia was there in seconds and on the roof without a sound. He could see the two werewolves in the shadows she was next to them be for they realized what had happened. The two leaped to the side. "what do you want Vampier" one of them growled.

Lia hissed. "explain yourself this is a Vamper matter. You should leave because if not for the accord you two would be dead, leave now! Lia ordered. The two showed their teeth with a loud growl. "We will leave, not because you told us to. It is because of the pack leader's orders. And it could be you that died this night." werewolves replied.

The two werewolves jump and ran off into the night. Lia spoke into her earpiece "all clear." She announced. arriving back at the car Lia and the others got back in and they continued to the hospital.

Alex looked at Lia "so problem?" asked Alex. Lia smiled "no sir, just someone watching with Intrest. It's no problem they left." replied Lia. Alex looked around outside his window. Alex knew not to ask more about it. If it was a problem Lia would have said more about it.

Pulling up to the hospital they park the cars off on a side street. Lia told everyone either by secure radio or text that the Prince was on site. as they made their way toward the entrance. Lia saw Colette and Riker coming out. Lia picked up her pace to greet them first. She was sure they saw the Prince and the bodyguards.

"Colette, Ryker. Anything new?" asked Lia

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