Hospital Investigation - Part One

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx and Cindy

The ten stories of brick, split between two sections, was going to take a while to go through, if they actually had to go through each section.

Colette looked up at the tall building and sighed, time was likely not on their side with this investigation. She hoped that somehow Aurora was being treated better than Quinn had been.

"Well, we need to check for traps first both magical and mundane, before attempting to enter the building." Colette said.

Erykah nodded as she and Dominic looked at each other. Erykah then spoke, "Dominic let's get ta work." Dominic nodded as he answered, "Aye." Then they opened up their bags and began searching for traps and wards. It looked odd to see them waving odd objects and chanting as the small glowing lights moved about the area.

Jai stood by arms crossed. "Ryker, Collette." he started. "Heads on a swivel, now but especially inside. I'm taking point and going to clear the traditional traps, but I might not get everything. They also might have predicted who was going to be here. Meaning they might have plans we can't see yet." he sighed. "Goes without saying but be careful. This is too convenient. If they wanted to just send a message they'd have ransomed her, They might be making moves to take pieces off the board for something bigger." he looked back to Erykah and Dominic working. "Nonsense taking us away from bigger things." he cocked his head "I don't mean saving her is nonsense, I mean having to do so in the first place. Situation should have never happened."

"Got it," Colette responded. She could do little out here until the all clear was given.

Sometime later that's what happened. There were no traps on the outside of either kind. All that was found was some wards. Weak and easily gotten rid of. The group easily went into the large what were once automatic glass sliding doors in the front of the building. Now stood broken, the glass completely removed from them.

To one side stood an alcove like area which likely had once held a security desk. Then a metal frame before entering a large open area.

All that remained in this area was the faded walls, worn and dirty carpeting and the large obviously once reception desk. On one wall, in black spray paint were very small letters. Clearly a message. If one got very close it could be read as:


Those words, that language was for Collette. The fact she was Cherokee wasn't widely known, not a secret but the Nosfartu did not speak much about her heritage and many just assumed she was French or part French.

"It's in Cherokee." Collette then began to translate, outloud. "Find your gift - go up. Sur..." As the last word was spoken a click, that could only be heard with vampire hearing, sounded. "What was that?" Colette knew better than to move. First trap, and it was clearly directed at her.

"Colette." Jai stage whispered. "Do not move." he said, eyes scanning the floor for more traps to stop anyone from helping as he moved forward. "I need to figure this out. Just don't do anything until I do. I don't know what the traps working are yet." Stepping next to her, he glanced up into the missing drop ceiling tile. Seeing the set up above them. "Be calm and just hold tight," he told her, scanning below her feet. Seeing a small glint off a clear wire, like a high tension fishing line. "Seems rudimentary," he said, "but I can't be sure." Jai said following the wire to a box mounted to the floor that held the tension on the line and would snap it, if it changed a second time. Jai took out one of his knives and pried off the casing around the tension box. "This won't help." he mumbled. "Ryker get something to get me up to the ceiling." Ryker nodded and ran off to get a nearby ladder.

Once Jai had clambered up the ladder he saw the mechanical workings of the thing. A small motor with a metal pin that would rotate it pushing the crossbows trigger. "Of course the lunatics wired it with three colors." he groaned. "Them and their 'pranks'."

"We got three sets of two. Blue, White, Red. Anyone down there got a solution?" Jai asked down to Erykah, Dominic, Ryker and Colette. "The three of you look for something, maybe a clue or something I could use to just block the stakes. Colette just keep on staying still."

Erykah began looking around for any clues and even used a scrying tool to aid her but sadly she found nothing to aid them. She was getting annoyed and saw that Dominic was just standing there and daydreaming as he rubbed his chin looking up. Erykah rolled her eyes up and tapped him on the shoulder as she said, "Really mon? Are ye not gonna help?"

Dominic turned to see an upset Erykah as he apologized to her, "Sorry Miss. I was just distracted by that odd flag."

Erykah looked around then up and saw a French flag in an odd place as she replied, "What a strange place to put that."

Dominic replied, "I know right? Why a French flag and not a "Saint's Flag?"

"I guess they had strange tastes." Erykah shook her head at Dominic who had more luck than sense. She looked at Jai and said, "We found a French flag up here. The flag pattern is blue, white and red. Will that work?" Erykah was hoping it was the clue they needed.

"Condamner, Malkavians." (Damn, Malkavians). Collette hissed. "It's a French flag because it's directed at me. I say try it and I'll get ready to duck, just in case." There was no way to know for certain it would work until it was done.

Jai could only nod in response to doing it, but Ryker came up behind Colette tapping each of her arms to get her to raise them. Putting an arm around her midsection to pull her away when Jai cut the wires. In case it still fired he'd at least get her far enough away before it fired to prevent death...hopefully and she'd get away with a wound rather than not away at all.

"On three..., One...two...three." Jai quickly cut the wires in order. He'd be holding his breath if it had it. Ryker ripping her from the spot the moment all three were cut. Just to be safe that they didn't install some sort of back up or that the wires weren't a red herring to get them to think she was safe stepping off the wire when they were cut.

"We should be more careful." Ryker signed to the group.

Jai folded the ladder against the wall. "I second that."

"Thanks," Collette said, referring to the help in not getting staked. "They've clearly upped their game. I think sticking together might be better this time. The floors are long to each side from where we'll come out, going up the nearest staircase. We could get to each floor then separate to check each side, meet back in the middle. There are twenty-one floors."

The task seemed daunting, maybe they could get a clue another way. "This place has a ton of spirits, we could call the Giovanni in on it. I know they've spoken to some of the spirits here before."

It might seem odd that logical Nosferatu believed in spirits but be around enough old places, know a few vamps that were haunted, and spend some time with the Giovanni and it becomes pretty much fact that those spirits exist.

"Ryker, you stay here and wait with Collette for the Giovanni to arrive then keep them safe from running like headless chickens." he said. "Make them know this place isn't safe to be alone unless the rooms are clear. I know some of them need to be pretty much alone to do their thing."

Ryker nodded and gave Jai a thumbs up.

"Rest of you with me, stay behind me and keep your ears open." Jai said, taking point.

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