Things That Go Bump In The Night

Meanwhile as the Prince and his fellow kindred were investigating both butcher and the kidnapping of Auroa Korray, Jack and Adele were dealing with another issue.

Inque had approached Jack and informed him of a new threat. Apparently a large group of pirates had been turned to Catiff and used their new found talents as kindred to expand their territory and steal larger commercial ships. However in their greed they were completely clueless they they were stealing from Adele now. Normally Inque would not care to aid Adele, but Jack had ordered a certain item for Inque and it was on the last ship that was stolen. Inque being infatuated with Jack and any token of affection he gave her was enough incentive to help him in any way.

Adele was not pleased when she confirmed Jack's intel as she saw the data on her computer and began tracing the transponder on the large ships to a remote island deemed dangerous to the military. So she told Jack they would be leaving soon as she made reservations for a plane and they would be doing a night raid on the pirates. Jack nodded as he left to pack for the mission.

In the limo ride they wore trench coats to hide their outfits for the mission to the public eye. Once on the plane they took their seats and waited till they were safely in the air before they removed their trench coats and put on their parachute packs. Jack was wearing a fancy black skydiving suit with red trim. He looked like a Hollywood stuntman in his fancy suit and pulled out the parachute packs for Adele and himself.

Jack's Skydiving outfit

Jack: Here is your pack......what the?

Then as he turned around to hand the parachute pack to Adele he dropped his jaw in awe as he looked at Adele's outfit. Adele was wearing a skin tight black suit with lots of shiny crystals on them.

Adele's Skydiving outfit

Adele: What?

Adele gave him a matter of fact look as she posed in a sexy manner before him.

Adele: You like it? I had it made a few years ago for fun.

Jack: I mean I like it but its.......kind of shiny for this mission.

Adele: My job is to look good. Yours is to protect this body.

Jack: I know but.....

Adele: We have a lot invested on these ships Jack. Besides if you do this for me I will reward you.....(licking her lips as she looks Jack up and down)....or is that not enough now?

Jack: As usual you have me dancing in the palm of your hand.

Adele: Good boy. For luck.

Adele kissed Jack passionately for a few minutes to get him riled up then pulled back as she smiled at him.

Adele: Business first. Play time later.

Jack: You're such a slave driver.

Adele chuckled at Jack as he fitted her parachute pack on her then on himself. They were in an airplane wearing posh skydiving outfits and parachute packs on their back and looking at their phones to see their drop point. Then they stood up and moved to the door of the plane and the co-pilot slid the door open and gave them the signal to jump.

Meanwhile on a lager transport ship several Catiff pirates were laughing it up as they were torturing the crew of the ship and slowly drinking their blood before killing them off one at a time. Some of the Catiff injected the crew with odd drugs to get an odd high from drinking their blood. It was rather brutal and gory as the ship decks and walls were covered in blood and bullet holes. Then the leader of the pirates came out and looked all proud of his successful mission as he watched his foolish crew create bloody chaos before him. After taking over the ship they managed to take over the auto controls and used manual override to pilot the ship to their base. The leader was impressed by how easy it was now to steal ships and cargo with kindred powers. Then he spoke to his men.

Leader Catiff: Today we caught a big fish from those fat American cats! I bet they are crying at how helpless they are before us! I would love to see their face when I........UUHHFFFF!

The Leader of the Catiff then was kicked down by Jack and slammed to the ground as Jack landed on his head. Before he could react, Jack grabbed his arms and cracked the bones in them before turning and breaking many bones in the legs.

Catiff Leader: ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!! WHo? You will pay for this!

Jack then snapped the spine of the Catiff Leader in several places. This freaked out the other pirates as they were paralyzed in fear from the sight of their leader being broken like a ragged doll before them in a matter of seconds. Then the leader screamed at his men in desperation.

Catiff Leader: Krilllll Him!!!

Then Adele landed on a the ship behind Jack and smiled as she put down a boombox. She saw Jack make short work of the Catiff Leader and then pushed the play button to play the music real loud as Jack took off quickly and began destroying the Catiff Pirates.

Song on jukebox

Each time Jack used his Celerity to increase his speed he left body parts of Catiff Pirates behind him. The screams of the pirates was merely overwhelmed by the song that blasted in the air.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy
And I feel like a-lovin you
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And that's just a-what I'm gonna do
Ooh, love to hold ya
Ooh, love to kiss ya
Ooh, love I love it so
Ooh love, you're sweeter
Sweeter than sugar
Ooh love, I won't let you go

Adele saw the coast was clear and walked up to the Catiff Leader who was bleeding and broken on the floor. Adele put her heel on his broke back and began to dig her heel into it to make him scream in pain. Adele then began her slow torture to get all the information about the location of the base, their numbers, their weapons and all the miscellaneous information he was willing to part with for a moment of stopping the pain.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy
And as silly as it may seem
The lovin' that you're giving is what keeps me livin'
And your love is like peaches and cream
Kind-a like sugar
Kind-a like spices
Kind-a like, like what you do
Kind-a sounds funny
But, I love honey
And honey, I love you

Adele made short work of the Catiff Leader as he spilled all the info he had. Then she ended his pain as she severed his head and tossed his body into the ocean. At this time Jack made his way back to Adele who was posing in a sexy manner next to the head of the former Catiff Pirate Leader. They embraced in a passionate manner as the ship was sailing to the base of the Catiff Pirates.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy
That your love can satisfy
Love, you're such a sweet thing, good enough to eat thing
And sweet thing, that ain't no lie
I love to hold ya
I love to kiss ya
Oh love, I love it so
Oh love, you're sweeter
Sweeter than sugar
Oh love, I won't let you go
Sweet thing
Yummy, yummy
Sweet thing
Sweet thing
Yummy, yummy
Sweet thing

The Catiff pirates consisted of Kindred, ghouls and feeders back on the base. They were under the impression that they were strong and no enemy could stop them from stealing, raping, killing, and human trafficking. Sadly they were quickly educated that there are much scarier things that exist in the world......especially at night.


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