Secret Alliance

The air in the back of the delivery van smelled stale, there was a quiet that had settled on the group. No windows to look out of, no way to tell where Aurora was being taken next. After several turns, and almost twenty minutes, the van finally stopped.

Autora would not get a chance to see where she was, some purplish dust was blown in her face and a black bag placed over the young Ventrue’s head. For a few brief moments, the Childe of the Prince could hear the sound of the back door opening, then more quiet, only an occasional car passing by. Smells of death, decay, and ground lingered. The night air had a slight chill.

That’s how Levi wanted it, just enough time for his hostage to get a sense of the kind of place she might be. Not any indication of which of the many it might be.

Cemeteries in New Orleans were curious things, graves went from very old some dating back to the 1700s. There were currently six of the dead burial places in the city. There used to be seven but the Superdome occupied the land of the seventh now. The plots that remained had almost no actual sublevel burials, due to the city being below sea level. Instead, they consisted of above-ground graves encased in cement and mausoleums.

While spirits certainly did roam these grounds, St. Louis Cemetery #1 was the oldest and most haunted, that was where Aurora would give into the powder and suddenly fall unconscious to the ground. Levi watched as Joyce caught the girl before his eyes wandered back over the grounds.

He caught sight of the woman coming towards him and a grin crossed his lips before asking,. “Everything ready?”

“Yes,” The Brujah responded. “The Malkavians just left.”

“No interference with your childe?” Levi asked.

“No, she’s home. They kept her out of this one.” Cora responded. “When do you think the Prince will join the investigation?”

“He’ll have to join if they want to find her.” Levi nodded toward the now unconscious Aurora who was flung over the shoulder of one of the larger Tmizice. “We’ll move her again tomorrow night. Then we’ll nab him.”

“Well, don’t underestimate them,” Cora said. “You know what will happen if you fail, again.”

“You have an issue with watching me be tortured?” Levi smirked, in such a way as to emphasize his fangs. “Besides I did not fail with Quinn, I just miscalculated when she’d be rescued.”

“Tortured no, but the sun is a different story. Maybe, it’ll be fire this time.” Cora moved closer and traced her finger up the long scaly arm of the Tmizice. “How about a celebration then, when you have him? Just the two of us?”

“Maybe,” Levi’s dark lizard eyes watched the Brujah for a moment. “Be a good girl now and drink.”

The fangs from Cora penetrated, the skin of Levi’s wrist. Hungrily she sucked from him as if he contained the only blood in the world.

“Stop, that’s enough.” Levi yanked his arm from her. “Go now. Don’t be late tomorrow.”

“Of course,” Cora replied and left without another word.

Levi turned to the Tmizice holding Aurora, “Bring her this way.”

Past several rows of graves, a few turns and they came to a row of mausoleums. With the way Levi went directly to the correct one, it was clear he knew his way around. The name “Quillion” was on a large plaque in the front of the building.

One of the drawers was opened, Aurora placed inside, and then closed. Levi did a few things and then commanded everyone to leave. A few more magical things were said, a few more traps to the outside of the stone building.

One last check on their exit that everything was in place, then they Tmizice got back in the van and left. Levi figured enough traps were laid out, likely they’d get Colette at the hospital, Maybe, Jai at the cemetery. Those trying to find Aurora just wouldn’t not until he wanted them to.

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