Fighting The Enemy

JP with Redsword, Jaxx, Lasersexpanther and Cindy

Jai and Ryker started to sweep the area with their eyes. Both having drastic changes in posture. Ryker returning to the way he was before taking out the ghouls, though he'd switched form his usual ASL to more military style hand language. Signing something to Jai, who responded with a nod. "Mr. Williams, Dominic. Keep your heads down. Ryker and I will handle the Vamps."

Dominic nodded as he knew he was just back up in this situation. He would deal with the small fry at best to buy the stronger fighters time to get the upper hand. His magical knuckles would aid him in his task since they dealt extra damage when hit by them. He was not happy having to brawl but it was still his job to fill in for Erykah in times like this.

Jai pointed to two spots for them to hide that would be great points of ambush and then Jai and Ryker fan out to flank. Seeing the two vamps Once was Levi, the other was a Gangrel, Jai had seen before but couldn't place the name. Once in position Ryker sprang tackling the Gangrel out of eye line. Though with there size they wouldn't have made it far in the scuffle. The moment Levi turned to see Ryker burst from the dark tackling his muscle Jai sprinted to close the distance a pair of specialized knife in a standard and reversed grip.

Dominic used the distraction provided by Jai and Ryker to get the upper hand and launch a surprise attack on a ghoul. Dominic punched as hard as he could while hitting the jaw of the ghoul. A bone cracking sound echoed as the ghoul fell backwards onto a tombstone in pain. Then Dominic hit the second ghoul in the nose to break it. The third ghoul then hit Dominic in the head and sent him backwards. After regaining his balance he got ready for a long and painful brawl, but he felt he did his job in wounding two of the ghouls till he could get back up.

The Prince was not too far from the Tomb hidden more than he wanted. He would just let out enough Presence to lure them in. Alex has some flashbacks of World War 2 before his embrace. Alex knew that he could draw them in and he was not at the tomb that Aurora was in but near it by another. Alex had a hard time controlling his anger as the Vampire and other ghouls got closer.

He watched as Dominic ambushed the ghouls. Alex would wait a moment and let the attention be on them. He watched Dominic stumble back some. It was time Lia jumped out and sprinted forward her celerity Vampier strength and speed were in full swing. She ran towards one of the ghouls moving by one on the way to the Vampires behind them Lia was not even noticed until it was too late her ability to use obfuscate was superior to most others. Lia swung her arm as she moved by blood sprayed as one of the two blades she was carrying slashed the ghoul in the throat almost severing its head from the body.

she kept moving forward but the Vampires knew she was there. She attacked Levi who moved aside dodging the attack. Lia slid to a stop as the vampire attacked her with its claws just missing her slicing her Jacket and leaving big cuts across it.

Alex stood to his feet holding his Silenced .45 two puffs of air could be heard as the two Incendiary rounds hit the Ghoul in the back that was attacking Dominic.

As Levi pulled back to swipe at Lia again Jai grabbed the arm and sank his knife to the hilt with the other hand. Going for a twist. It was a long shot but he was trying to sever the arm or damage it enough it wasn't useful.

Not far off the sounds of meat hitting meat could be heard in solid thwaps as Ryker and the muscle Levi had brought along exchanged blow after blow.

Dominic was relieved to see the ghoul before him get taken out by Alex's gun. Seeing as he was free from combat now he looked to see the other's were fighting the vampires who were very strong. Granted Dominic was a big guy in size he was not much of a fighter compared to the others since he focused on magic. Dominic then moved into position to get closer to Ryker who had his hands full with the rather large gangrel. It would be sucide for Dominic to fight the gangrel since he would get torn up rather brutally and quickly. So he took off one of his magical metal knuckles and waited till Ryker was open and tossed it at Ryker was he yelled, "Use this!" Dominic kept one knuckle for self defense but was hoping the enchanged knuckle would give Ryker an edge in his fight.

Ryker caught the knuckle and slipped it on his left hand, grabbing the gangrel by the back of the neck with the right and started delivering blow after blow to the solar plexuses of the gangrel over and over slowly pushing them back as he went.

Blow after blow to the Gangrel's midsection had them on the ropes, struggling to even get any amount of footing. With a duo of sicking meaty blow, and the crunch of bone. A powerful uppercut that caused the Gangrel's feet to lift inches off the ground, and before the coldcocking uppercut could drop the behemoth a second punch shattered the side of their skull like an egg thrown at a wall. Despite being hit solidly on the left side of the head the right shown the impact bulding out threatening to pierce the skin. Before Ryker's opposition even hit the ground he was stalking is way over to where Lia and Jai fought Levi.

Lia's jacket was shredded by now with the near misses if even one of the blows would have hit Lia knew she would be critically injured. With Levi's arm now tangled up with Jai, Lia turned bringing her foot around and kicking his other hand away she jumped into the air with her other foot doing a Reverse Turing kick connecting to Levi's head. His head jerked to one side any normal person would have lost their head with that much force. Levi straightened his head he felt it but did not slow him too much.

As Lia landed and tried for another strike Levi hit her in the chest with his palm. You could see ripples across her chest sending Lia flying back and crashing into tombstones.

Levi came to realize he was fighting alone. The gangrel and the ghouls he had brought were now nothing but shells. He continued to fight Jai. Levi could dodge or withstand anything Jai threw at him. In one move, Levi dislocated his arm, twisting it backwards to get out of Jai's grip. It was time.

One minute Levi, was there the next he was gone vanished into a mist into the air.

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