Pirates of the Caribbean Islands

Adele made short work of the Catiff Leader as he spilled all the info he had. Then she ended his pain as she severed his head and tossed his body into the ocean. At this time Jack made his way back to Adele who was posing in a sexy manner next to the head of the former Catiff Pirate Leader. They embraced in a passionate manner as the ship was sailing to the base of the Catiff Pirates.

The Catiff pirates consisted of Kindred, ghouls and feeders back on the base. They were under the impression that they were strong and no enemy could stop them from stealing, raping, killing, and human trafficking. Sadly they were quickly educated that there are much scarier things that exist in the world......especially at night.

Between Jack and Adele they managed to wipe out the Catiff Pirates on the small island used as their base. Sadly many innocent bystanders were killed long before they arrived. Adele was not happy about this as it was bad press for her company. So she was going to have to deal with the aftermath and pay off the victim's families with a large amount to properly blow it off. She was going to make it look like she hired a special merc squad to hunt the pirates down and collect the stolen property and any victims they could find. So Jack took several photos for their story to release to the press. This gave them control of the press and insurance claims. To her dismay she found a lot of cargo that was also hers as well as other companies. Since she and Jack were not up to recovering all that loot, bodies, cargo and ships; Adele called in for her crew to do a clean up.

Seeing as they had to spend the day there, Jack and Adele spent the night in the crew quarters in the cargo ship to avoid the sun. Since they had a lot of time to wait till more cargo ships could arrive with a big crew, Adele was eyeing up Jack like a piece of candy. She loved to see him work, even if the enemy was weaker than him. She began with some love nibbles on his neck as her hands got frisky. Jack knew where this was going so he let Adele take the lead. The air of romance quickly turned a bit racy as they embraced each other in their animal lust.

A few hours later they were tired and ready for bed as they felt the sun rising. Though the hammocks were not suited for a posh sleep, they managed to make the best of it as they slept the day away. As nightfall came they woke up to hear Adele's phone ringing. Jack answered it and let Adele know it was her salvage crew. So they got dressed and met the crew outside of the ship as she explained the situation to her crew and how she wanted it handled. She assigned one team for the cover up story, one team for cargo salvage, a few teams to recover the stolen ships and the last team to handle the bodies of the victims and terrorists. After that they made their way to ship that had her luxury room in it. There she and Jack washed up and got dressed in more casual yet elegant clothing. At that point they got onto their laptops and began working on the long process of paperwork. They had to track down the owners of the lost ships and cargo, the names of the missing crew that died, the pay out to the families of the victims, the insurance company involved with all the reports and the press release. It was a long a tedious task that kept them busy for the most of the night. Luckily a servant attended to them as they tapped their keyboards with a purpose.

Since they crew was properly trained they managed to get the whole base secured and prepped for departure. Adele also had the island marked for satellite survey photos in case it was ever used again by pirates. She had no intentions of repeating this situation. It irked her that some low life Catiff would push their luck like this out of arrogance and cowardice. It was one thing if they sought refuge under the Prince and his clans, but to outright steal from them was insulting. She had no remorse for disposing of them. Once the crew was done they programmed the ships to head for the Port of New Orleans, Louisiana. Since she owned most of the port it would make her task easier to deal with her situation. After emailing detailed instructions to her team leaders she was able to relax again. Jack of course finished up and rubbed her shoulders to ease her stress levels. Once she was relaxed he moved to rub her feet. She smiled as he pampered her while sitting on the floor. They could feel the daylight coming and prepared for bed. This time the bed was soft and posh so they slept well through the day.

On the third day they arrived at the port and docked by nightfall. Once the crew was prepped and instructed they quickly got to work unloading cargo and bodies. The ships recovered by Adele's crew were bought out from the insurance companies and added to her fleet after being overhauled. The bodies were shipped to the hospitals near the victim's families along with the payout for this loss. Adele was very generous as she shelled out a million to each family per victim. This would make for good press and she sent the video that was prepared by her team to report the pirates being terminated. By doing this it pinned some blame on the lack of military monitoring the area.

Once they were done with their work Jack led Adele to their limo and helped her in. he then put a crate in the back of the limo before he got in. It was a nice and quiet drive going back as Adele leaned on Jack's shoulder. Jack held her hand and gave her a kiss on the head now and then. After a long drive, they ended up at Adele's mansion. After pulling up the driveway, Jack escorted Adele into the house before unloading the trunk with the driver. He set the crate aside and carried the others stuff into the house and gave it to Yvette to attend to. Then carried the crate down the road and by the large tree where he talked to Inque during their meetings. He sat on the grass for a bit and starred at the starry sky. Soon he felt the embrace of a woman from behind. He greeted Inque once again and talked with her for a spell before she opened the crate. Granted Inque was flat out crazy and a Malkavian who spoke in the 3rd person, but once she saw the contents of the crate she smiled and almost cried like a young girl again. It was moments like that that drew Jack to her. Once their heartfelt moment was over Inque took her crate and vanished. Jack then went inside to pamper a somewhat jealous Adele.


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