Meeting Up Again

The sounds of fighting faded into the night or so it seemed to Colette. She popped her head up, and could only see the graveyard, then the group appeared from the graveyard. Their group. They had won, or so it seemed. "Their back," she said, as the invisibility was dropped. "It's safe now, everyone can come out." Colette stepped out from the bushes as she waited on the others.

Aurora darted from the bushes. She headed strait to Alex. "Alex," she called.

Erykah sighed in relief that the combat was over, and they had managed to rescue Aurora. It was troubling to have Prince Alex in a foul mood. However on the bright side since she and Dominic proved themselves useful in this situation they will have gained more favor with the Prince. Hopefully the sales of their magic tools would increase since her clan was severaly weakened from the last war. As she looked around she saw that everyone was still alive and was very relieved to see Dominc in one piece.

Alex holstered his pistols, turned, and started to walk towards where Aurora was coming from. He smiled and took her into his arms. "Sorry it took so long," he expressed with a smile. After a moment Alex starts to lead her back to the car.

Lia lay there for a moment healing. She looked at the damage he had caused sitting up and dusting herself off and standing slowly. "The bastard got away," Lia commented, starting to also walk towards the cars. Pulling out her now destroyed cell phone, Lia let out a sigh. s
She would call a clean team when she got back to the cars.

Ryker worked the brass knuckles off is fingers, they had been a bit small but the fit and did the job. He handed them back to Dominic and nodded before making his way back to the waiting vehicles.

Jai followed Lia relocating his wrist. As they walked Jai pulled out his phone and offered it to Lia. "We might need to get a team together and finish this before it can happen again." he said. "I'm skilled beyond my years, but I don't like the idea of fighting someone like him again unprepared."

Dominic accepted the knuckles and checked them for any damage. Oddly enough they held up with Ryker's strength well enough. This pleased Dominic as he put them back into his coat and headed to where Erykah was.

Colette was glad everyone seemed safe. Her gaze met with Joyce, who was standing off to the side, looking a little lost.

"Do you have somewhere to go?" Colette asked, the now former hunter.

"No. The hunters won't take me back. " Joyce paused. "I'm sorry. I'll figure something out."

"No, unless the Prince has a problem with it, I think you should come with me. To my home." Colette then joked, "Promise I won't bite."

"She could stay at the hotel, " Aurora suggested.

Colette assumed that the Prince and his Childe might want to have some alone time, or at least not someone like Joyce underfoot. The woman had been influenced by Hunters, which meant she needed to know the falsehoods were just that but she was young. Besides, nothing against the Prince but in the short time Aurora had been a vampire, she had managed to sneak out and get kidnapped, which made Colette even more weary about leaving Joyce with them.

"Leon won't mind. He likes helping." That being said only for Joyce, because everyone else there should know that Leon, as with most Nos, liked to help. Colette focused back on Joyce, "But the decision is yours."

Joyce seemed to think for a few moments, before answering Colette. "I think I would like to go with you." She seemed to be really unsure about going anywhere with the Prince.

"Alex listened and decided to say something. "Joyce?" he paused thinking. "If you want, Joyce is it, around someone has to sponsor and be responsible for her." stated the prince looking around at the others. "If not well she knows and must be silenced or Join us. She helped us with Aurora it is the only reason she is breathing." warned the Prince in a very vampier way.

Walking up from behind Lia was not far from Joyce. She seemed to be waiting on some decision to be made.

Colette responded, "I can sponsor and be responsible for her. If not me, then Leon." She was determined to not let Joyce be killed, or turned (at not turned just yet.)

The Prince grins "See Joyce, you get to live another day. We are all not bloodthirsty killers." said the Prince in a tone making people wonder if he was joking or not. "OK, Miss LaPoint she is yours. It is on you if anything goes wrong." warned the Prince.

With that, Lia walks past her walking by Colette "Miss LaPoint, I hope to see the paperwork tomorrow so I can give it to the Prince for his approval." Lia requested of Miss LaPoint.

"Understood, Sir." Colette responded to the Prince.

To Lia, she said. "Of couse."

Then to the group, Colette said. "There is enough time to get to our individual homes before the sun rises but we need to leave soon. If there is nothing else, that is."

"If anyone hurts her, I'll end them myself." Aurora warned. She had gone through hell, and still made an effort to save that girl's life. She would be dammed if one of her own hurt the girl. She glared at Alex, to drive her point home.

"It is ok, Aurora. No one is going to hurt Joyce right now. Lia will be nice as well. You have nothing to fear." said the Prince with a smile.

Lia gave a grin then frowned "So much for a snack," She said jokingly. "Joyce has nothing to fear the Prince given his guidance and his word Joyce is safe now, Aurora, " declared Lia.

Aurora turned and hissed at Lia, showing her fangs. It was more than a little obvious that the young vampire was out of her mind. The experience was to much for her and she needed time to recover.

"Yes, she'll be perfectly safe," Colette said. "And with that we are going to go. " Colette had no reason to stick around any longer and would barely make it home prior to the sunrise.

Joyce turned to Aurora, "Thank you, for helping me." She gave a respectful nod to the Prince. "Thank you for not having me killed." With that Colette and Joyce left in Colette's car.

The Giovanni's had been rather quiet but still there, they said goodbye to everyone and left.

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