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Summary: Intelligent, Bonded, Wanting It All

Angelica Giovanni

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Gender: Female

Age: 80 years old, 26 at the time of embrace.

Group: Giovanni


Italian - American


Languages: Italian, French, English, Latin
Intelligent: She is one of the smart Giovanni. She learns things quickly and easily adapts to new things.
Business Savy: She easily picks up and learns anything with business
Negotiation: She has a way about her that makes people want to do business with her and allows her to negotiate business deals.
Reputation: She has a good reputation among other kindred. Sometimes to the point that they would rather do business with her than Mario.
Rising Star: Those in power also tend to like her and expect her to someday take more of leadership role.
Necromancy: (advanced) Necromancy: is a form of blood magic that deals exclusively with the world of the dead.
Potence: ( advanced)Grants Vampires supernatural strength.
Presence: (advanced) supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.
Dominate: (advanced) overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree

Working on: Judicial ties. Mario is introducing her to his contacts but she doesn't have this merit yet.


Giovanotti, Necromancers, Nigrimancers, the Young Ones, Necro-incestuous Mafioso, Romans

The Giovanni are the usurpers of clan Cappadocian and the youngest clan of Caine. Clan Giovanni is both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family and are heavily focused on the goals of money and necromantic power.

In many ways, the Giovanni are a Ghoul Family with less visibly disgusting parts. This doesn't mean the Giovanni aren't as warped as the Bratovitch clan; the Giovanni are repulsive and degenerate in a more subtle manner. It is said that younger generations of the Giovanni were found to be very attractive. Some even say they put on the irresistible look of a succubi pre-change. Also, some are known to be shape-shifters.

The sadism and weirdness of Giovanni internal culture is enhanced by its incestuous nature. Giovanni can spend the majority of their lives interacting with nobody except other Giovanni, and the resulting insularity breeds additional problems. The Giovanni are, in particular, arrogant and prone to underestimating the world around them.

Like everything else in the family, the Embrace is a reward. Promotion for good service, and more than other clans, the Giovanni actively consider factors like generation in the Embrace. Being Embraced by a lower-generation clan member is considered a performance bonus.
While not uncommon, it is frowned upon to Embrace another of your own mortal family. This would encourage nepotism, and Giovanni much prefer to have the loyalty of their Neonates as divided as possible within the family.


The clan weakness of Giovanni dictate that when a Giovanni bites a living being, they deal more damage than normal, making it difficult to keep people alive after feeding from them.
Bound: She is blood bonded to Mario.
Driving Goal: She wants what Mario has and she'll make sure there is still something there to inherit when it comes her time to take over.
Prey Exclusion: She doesn't prey on horses, ever.

Physical Appearance

Dark hair, dark eyes, she stands about 5'8" but usually has heels on.

Personality and interests

Angelica's interests are making money and learning whatever she can to help her take over Mario's roles.
She is much nicer than Mario in dealing with others though and has vowed to sire a few childe but never to treat them the way that Mario treats her or, especially, his other childe.
She is slowly working on getting Mario to break the blood bond but it's not an easy task.
She enjoys interests other than money and raising dead bodies, the occasional trip to the theater or going to a nightclub is fun.
Mario allows her to have two ghouls but she usually has one at a time.


While it's unusual, in the Giovanna, to sire women as young as Angelica because they are needed to procreate and maintain the bloodline. Angelica was severely injured in a horseback riding accident and it left her unable to bear any children (human). Also, Mario had been just waiting for the day that he could Sire her knowing she would be the perfect edition to his "family".
She is the favorite something which the other childe have just come to accept, of course being all blood bonded helps. Mario though is controlling and he will manipulate the blood bond to his will. She is very aware to not cross him and what his wrath is like.

Favourite Sayings

"Sì, Mario" ("Yes, Mario.")
"I will work with you."
"Just let me figure that out."

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Image of Angelica Giovanni
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