The Ballroom

Lilly made sure everyone was greeted by her personally even if some of the greetings were shorter than others. Once she was sure that duty was accomplished she gave a nod to one if the ghoul servants who left but then came back a moment later and whispered something in Lilly's ear, to the effect that it was ready.

Lilly spoke up, "If I could have everyone's attention.". Pausing long enough for everyone to quiet down. "The party will now be moving into the ballroom if everyone will follow me."

She led everyone out of the reception area, though a set of french doors and down a small hallway. Two ghouls stood by two large elaborate carved doors with filagee, spirals and a fleur de lis on each one.

"Open the doors," Lilly ordered the servants who obeyed.

Inside the doors was a large ballroom, white, with ornate carvings on the wood work. Two brass and crystal chandeliers hung from the tall arched ceiling. Wall sconces made up the rest of the lighting for the room making the room decently lit without being to bright. This room was empty of most furniture besides a piano in one area, off to the side and several wooden, upholstered chairs around the sides for sitting if anyone wanted to.

At the end of the ballroom, opposite the doors, was the stage where an obviously ghouled band dressed in black tuxedos was playing jazz music. The music fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the house and the evening.

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