Old Friends and New Business Deals

Quinn took a look around the ballroom and wondered why anyone would need something so fancy in their house. She preferred the Brujah parties. They usually took place at her house, outside, blood flowing, bonfire going, sometimes an animal hunt happening, always some kind of friendly fight, sometimes a not so friendly fight. Still, the Brujah were family. A dysfunctional family but what clan wasn't. That's what went though Quinn's mind as she looked around.

Her eyes wandered until she caught sight of the two vampires she wanted to speak with. Leon who was to be talking to Collette who, Quinn, could only imagine didn't want to be here in the first place.

Quinn walked up to them, they greeted each other. The Brujah and the Nosferatu had a good relationship but there was a reason for the bond between the three standing together. Even if Quinn didn't like to think about that time.

Leon, as if he knew why Quinn came over, said, "We're going to need to start investigating the Butcher more. Will probably need backup. You know muscle."

Quinn thought for a moment, "Too many of the Brujah are out for blood with this. I can't guarantee they wouldn't get reckless. Especially, well you know how most of my clan is."

Leon nodded, "Oui, I know. I can find someone else but you get first offer."

"Thanks. We'll help but not that. The Giovanni already approached me about needing extra blood for their thing so I think I'll busy with that.". Quinn replied.

Leon thought for a moment, "The Gangrel might be an option for muscle."

Quinn glanced over to where the Eddie,the leader of the Gangrel, was. "Yeah, they can handle themselves. As long as they don't frenzy you should be fine."

Leon let his own eye glance toward Eddie, "Oui, I think it's the best option."

Quinn then said, "I have some other business to conduct."

She made her way towards the new person in town, or newest, Mira. Tremere. Word had it she was going to be running a business that might need Quinn's services.

Quinn made her way through the room,towards the woman. Approaching her, "Hello. Mira, isn't it? I'm Quinn. I suppose I should say I'm Primogen Quinn of the Brujah but it seems very formal." She paused. "So, how are liking your first party here?"

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